I never thought I would be a poop expert

I was going to write about my recently discovered health problems that may result in Turner being my only little miracle…. but instead I thought I would wait a day or two and post something more uplifting today. So I wanted to talk about poop.


The editor at my newspaper makes fun of how obsessed I am with Turner’s poop. I do not know why, but ensuring that he is regular and that his poop is consistent lets me know he is ok.. even if that is not a medically approved verdict, it makes me feel better.

Like today for instance, when I dropped Turner off with his Godmother Renee, I asked her to text e when he pooped because he had not pooped since I picked him up from his grandma’s house at 5 yesterday. Not that I am obsessed with Turner’s poop just because, but we are working to switch Turner to formula. My milk supply has virtually stopped so instead of the occasional one or two scoops of formula we had been given Turner at night in a bottle of breast milk, we are now giving him a 1.5 ounce break milk, 1.5 ounce water and 1.5 scoop of formula mix bottle and I am afraid it is destroying his stummy.

I know I have to give his body time to adjust to the change, but just in the two full days we have began with the change, it has been rough on my little prince. He is spitting up solids stuff, which he has never done, his burps rumble the house, which is also new, and in the 15 hours I had him before taking him to Renee, he did not poop. It all concerns me. Even while feeding, he is in obvious discomfort, his stummy is visibly straining and he is super fussy while I am trying to feed him. I have to basically force feed him and burp him after every half ounce.

I just want to know when he poops to know he is ok. We are giving him Gripe Water, which the Doc recommended to help with his upset stummy, and giving him little remedies gas relief occasionally, but nothing seems to be helping.

If his body doesn’t adjust in a day or two I may change the type of formula, but knowing when and if he poops, lets me know how his body is reacting to the switch. Its all a process. Knowing what goes in and when it comes out lets me know that everything is working and everything is copasetic. If things are not flowing well, than I assume something is wrong and further action needs to be taken. So, I just like monitoring his poop.

Not just how often he poops, but I also think I need to keep an eye on the consistency of his poop. If he is sick or having a reaction to anything, it will be evident in his poop; in the color, or thickness, or whatever. So when I change his diaper ( which I have come to realize is not that often because Andrew is on diaper duty way more than me) I take a look to make sure it doesn’t look green or is too runny or too thick or too anything other than what it is on average.

I just think it is a good indicator of how Turner is doing. So to all those soon to be moms, if you never thought you could add poop expert to your resume… think again.


4 thoughts on “I never thought I would be a poop expert

  1. He did poop 3 times yesterday, consistency was good and one time Grammie had a clothes change too. I think he will be fine, just a period of adjustment. I was beginning to worry about him pooping after each and every bottle. I think he will get to where he isn’t pooping every bottle now. I understand your concern, as all of us moms have. You never think you will become a diaper analyzer, but once you become a mom, hello !!! ha ha ha He did not spit up much yesterday, not near as much as usual (or at least when I’ve had him) and seemed happy all day again. Such a happy boy.

  2. Have you ever watched the show Scrubs? There is a musical episode in which they sing about the importance of poop. Google “scrubs everything comes down to poo.” You will love and be fully validated in your poop concerns. Hope everything works out well with the formula!

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