Ruby gets her own post!!

In my post earlier today, I realized I forgot to make a connection to Ruby. So in addition to the post about what a poop expert I am, I wanted to make a short post about Ruby. For those of you who have not followed the blog from the beginning or do not know be personally, Ruby is my older sister. She is a very busy professional photographer. She and her husband Will are still in the process of moving. But I started including little stabs in each of my blog posts about her because she doesn’t read my blog.

Like I said, she is a very busy woman, and well, she just doesn’t like to read anything, so in addition to never reading the newspaper I work for, she also doesn’t read my blog… if it is longer than a Facebook status… more than likely she has the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” attitude.


Another reason I am writing this blog is I am going to visit my momma today after work and I had asked Ruby to come see me and Turner since it has been nearly a month since she has done so. She said she would… so this is a challenge to her… hopefully she won’t let us down because we miss her. (Well I do, Turner is unsure of her because she gives off a baby-hating scent).

Also Poop Update: Turner’s Godmother informed me that about 2 p.m. today he finally pooped… making it nearly 24 hours. I sure hope this formula thing gets easier, I hate seeing my little prince struggle!

While she doesn’t read about him or see him as often as I would like… she is an amazing photographer.. here are some newborn shots she took (she is still working on editing the others… she is just too busy 😉 )


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