Bath time woes

So I must inform you all that Ruby has apparently been reading my blog some…yay! She also met the challenge I gave her yesterday and she came to my momma’s house to visit with me and Turner.  🙂


Poop Update: It is not going too well. While he did have a poop yesterday… Turner is pretty backed up. Apparently the type of formula we are using (Enfamil) is not the best and has been on the recall list several times. Well, we are going to change that up and I hope it helps Turner’s stummy, because he has been so fussy the past few days, it is hard to watch!

I want to talk about baby baths. How often should I give him a bath? I am sure I should bathe him more often than I do, but when he hates it so dang much, it just does not seem like I need to. I mean, I wipe him down with wet wipes, keep his nails clipped and keep his clothes changed and clean, but as far as running water and giving him the full package… embarrassingly I have to admit although he will be 11 weeks old tomorrow, I can count the number of baths he has had on two hands. 

We only have a shower at our house, so we bought a tub from Babies R Us just for Turner. It puts bubbles in the tub and comes with a removable shower head that helps clean him. We only used this once and it was so much of a hassle, we decided that we will wait until we have to use it to use it more often. So instead, we have started bathing him in the kitchen sink. We won’t be able to do this long because we have a very small sink, but for now it will suffice. I understand the sink thing is pretty normal practice for babies anyway. 

I mean, how dirty can he possible get. I wash his bottom five times a day (when he is pooping normally) and I constantly wash under his neck where his fat rolls collect spilled milk and gunk. I also make sure to keep his hands washed off since they have become his new favorite chew toys. But I mean, it is not like he is out rolling in the mud or anything. So is a daily, or every other day or even weekly bath all that necessary? 

It is a miracle if I get two showers in a week, especially on weeks that Andrew travels. Every since my horrific experience with showering and Turner screaming bloody murder, I vowed to not shower when alone with him because it is not worth how sad he was. And by the time Andrew and I both get home from work and I get Turner settled in and taken care of, it is all I can do to keep my eyes open so a shower always gets pushed to the side. I would much rather get my 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. nap in before my night shift with Turner starts than waste that time on a shower!  So I constantly find myself taking a wash rag to do some quick cleaning and finding more and more scented products to help mask my own lack of shower time. 

So, I admit I need to give Turner more baths. I really should, I am even embarrassed that I haven’t. But it is super hard. I am a full-time employee who works three days a week on top of taking care of the most precious baby in the world, which is a full-time job in itself. It is exhausting! 


2 thoughts on “Bath time woes

  1. I have only a little advice on that subject…sometimes a bath relaxes and calms them where they sleep better and longer….mine always did anyway.

  2. due to skin allergies that my child has, I was advised by her Dr to wash her only 1-2 times per week, so I’m sure he’s fine with infrequent baths, its not like hes crawling around yet!
    Also, maybe consider wiping him down with a warm damp washcloth rather than diaper wipes, the diaper wipes have soap in them, and since your not rinsing him off after, your just leaving soap residue to build up on his skin (something i hadn’t ever thought of until experiencing my daughters sensitive skin) give his bottom a wipe with the clean damp cloth to avoid leaving soap on his diaper area too.
    Some kids do much better with the “sponge bath” approach than to a regular bath until they can play in the water and enjoy it a little more 🙂

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