Figuring out formula

First, formula is basically robbery. Not that I would not pay any amount of money for something Turner needed, but the fact that a can of formula that is probably only going to last me a week at best is nearly $30 is insane. But then again, considering that as Turner gets older it will cost a lot more than $30 to feed him a week, maybe its not all that bad. 

I think its a monopolized market. Parents have no choice to pay it, so we do, regardless of how outrageous it is. I am sure it doesn’t cost nearly as much to make, but stores still price it so incredibly high. I don’t know if you noticed, but at most stores, at least where I live, formula is behind the counter or in the front of the store. Stores do that for items that are easily stolen. It is so sad to me that formula, something that is essential for a baby’s survival is so expensive that some mothers have to resort to stealing it, but really, I don’t blame them. 


As I have written about several times before, it took a while to find the right formula for Turner. After days of throw-ups and upset stummys, Gerber Gentle seemed to do the trick. But before we found it, we went through several types that ranged in ingredients and prices. 

We started with Enfamil for newborns. At $25 for a 22.2 ounce can, the stuff was not cheap. Turner didn’t mind the taste, but it killed his stomach. He couldn’t keep it down and it tore his stummy yup. The main ingredient in Enfamil is nonfat milk followed by lactose, vegetable oil then Whey Protein concentrate. I was not the biggest fan of the main ingredient being nonfat milk and because Turner’s stummy never could get settled we tried something else. 

My sister picked us up the Wal-mart brand Parent’s Choice. For 23.2 ounces, it cost $15.47, considerably less than Enfamil, but with reason. The main ingredient in Parent Choice gentle formula for ages 0-12 is corn syrup CORN SYRUP! Then followed by nonfat milk, palm olein then whey protein. When I told Ruby (my older sister who now reads my blog a little bit) that the main ingredient was corn syrup she said, “That is the main ingredient in sodas and I love sodas.” EXACTLY! That is the problem! I cannot give that to my child, no way jose! Not only that, but the formula had a distinguishing sweet smell to it, so I am sure it has a funky taste. Parent’s Choice was easier on Turner’s stummys. He was still hurting, but it was a little better. 

 I have not tried Similac, but the main ingredient is corn syrup then sugar, then milk protein. After reading the ingredients, I decided to not even try it. 

We have settled with Gerber gentle which main ingredient is Whey Protein concentrate followed by vegetable oils. For 23.2 ounces it cost about $25. This is the easiest on Turner’s stummy, and in my opinion has the healthiest ingredients for him. 

In addition to pricing and ingredients, I read reviews on all the formulas. Enfamil brands have been recalled several times for various reasons, so that that was a strike. When reading the parent’s choice reviews I became furious. 

 The majority of the reviews said that mothers decided to buy this product based on the price being half that of others. Well to me, there obviously has to be a reason. And the fact that any mother would sacrifice their child’s health based on a price, is outrageous! Don’t get me wrong, I am all about saving money because having a little angel baby is not cheap, so Parent’s Choice products are not out of the question when it comes to bath stuff, diapers, wipes or other things, but this is what I am putting into my child’s body. This is his nutrients. This is what keeps him alive. This is what is supposed to replace my breast milk. Ensuring that what I give him is the best in every aspect, there is no price for that. 

While formula’s claim to produce the DHA levels as close to breast milk as possible, without the proper ingredients, those are just claims. and I am sorry, but when your main ingredients are corn syrup or sugar, it is obvious NOT the best thing for a baby. Sure the baby ill like the taste versus bland formulas, which is why I think Parents Choice has a funny smell. So when you are trying to get your baby to take a formula bottle, corn syrup brands are sweeter like breast milk, but the nutritional value is nonexistent. I cannot even begin to think that I would give my little prince something just because it is the cheapest knowing that it is in no way what he needs to be healthy. No stinking way. 

So even though I think formula companies are robbing parents blind and taking advantage of the demand of the product, that still doesn’t mean I am going to spare any expense when it comes to my son’s health! 


3 thoughts on “Figuring out formula

  1. The parent’s that buy the Parent’s choice formula are the same parents that will be taking their 4 year olds to McDonalds because they can feed them for $2. It’s just an early track to Obesity.

  2. That’s why I am going to breast feed my child. It will save us money and I think it may be healthier to do this. But it’s each parent’s decision to do whatever is best for them and their child!

    • Ashley, I wrote earlier blogs about breastfeeding. I tried my hardest, but about two weeks ago my supply just stopped. I couldn’t pump enough to keep it flowing after I went back to work. It was really depressing for me, I felt like I can not being a good mother.

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