A poem for my little prince

It never fails. Anytime I look at Turner I become overwhelmed with emotion. I still cry with joy just looking at him. I really hope this “new mom” feeling never goes away because it is the greatest feeling I have ever had. The purpose and meaning Turner gives me is beyond words and beyond explanation. While I was cuddling him to sleep last night, I started telling him all the things I hoped for him and how I promised to help make them come true. So, this poem was born.


My promise for you

The day you came into my world,

you gave me more than you will ever understand;

so on that day I made a vow to spend,

every day of the rest of my life loving you to no end.

The simple sound of your cry,

changed the entire world around me,

because of the meaning and purpose you created,

I promise to become the person you need me to be.

I promise to give you unconditional love,

regardless of the circumstance;

To trust and to believe in you

in ways that always provide you with a fair chance.

I promise to do everything in my power to help you achieve your dreams.

Whatever path you choose to go down,

I will always be here to encourage and support you

and to help guide until your right path is found.

I promise to let you make your own decisions,

to let you find your own way.

To try to teach you right from wrong

even if that means keeping my own opinions at bay.

I promise to always be your warrior,

to be here to fight alongside you for any cause.

To make it my sole responsibility,

to jump to your defense without ever taking a pause.

I promise to be your number one fan,

in whatever it is you choose to pursue.

Whether its sports, music, or something you create on your own,

I will always be in the front row cheering for you.

I promise to always listen,

to always take the time to hear your greatest concerns;

because while I should be the one doing the teaching,

I truly believe that I will have the most to learn.

My sweet little prince,

I owe you these things because of what you have done for me.

although you may never truly understand my dedication,

I hope it allows me to become the mother you need me to be.


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