Turner’s first ailment

This weekend was a rough one. I have said time and time again that I am obsessive and neurotic when it comes to Turner. I have no problem admitting that I will willing give Turner several complexes to ensure that I am the only woman he will ever need in his life. Well, the weekend with Turner’s first sickness was tough. 


Since last Sunday, I have told Andrew that it feels like Turner was spiking fevers. We didn’t have a good thermometer at the time, but I could just tell. With that, he had been fussy and didn’t want to take his pacifier. Well, when my momma was babysitting him on Wednesday, she and my little sister discovered white patches in Turner’s mouth, Thrush. 

As the doctor warned us and we already knew, Thrush is extremely common in newborns. Their bodies are not used to outside elements and any little thing can cause it. I am not breastfeeding, so it wasn’t something Turner and I was passing back and forth, just extra yeast in his mouth for some reason or the other. But it visibly hurt him. He is uncomfortable and fussy and refuses to take a paci, and fights the bottle. 

I called the doctor and he called in some antibiotics for Turner. Well, that is a challenge in itself. The directions say to give him one CC in each cheek, four times a day. Well, I think it would be easier to sneak onto Air Force One. The second that touches his mouth he spits and rolls his tongue until every bit of it is out and in the fat rolls on his neck. I know it has to be awful, I mean, it smells like medicine. Yucky. 

With the Thrush and the discomfort came some fevers. I finally got an ear thermometer the brand is Safety, I like it. All the reviews I read for the high dollar ones were all in accurate and dissatisfied, but this one works great. Without Little Remedies acetaminophen, his fever would sit on 98.8. Everything I have read, says thats a fever for the little ones, not to mention he was hot to the touch. 

So about two bottles a day I would give him Little Remedies and his temperature would go down to about 97.6. It also helped him to take his bottle because like I said, he was visibly hurting from the Thrush. 

Well, now there is the problem of getting him to take the medicine. I can’t give it to him in one of the pacifiers designed for medicine or mix it in his bottle, because the idea behind it, is it is supposed to coat his cheeks. So the solution I have found is to take a qtip and dab the medicine on a couple times a day. That way he gets some of the medicine, and he doesn’t spit it out. 

Well, Sunday was the worst day for Turner. Starting about 3 a.m. every bottle he would take, he wold projectile vomit it out almost immediately after I stopped feeding him. This was not spit up, this was projectile vomit the same amount that I fed him. He was sleepy and a little lazy late Saturday and early Sunday, but not fussy at all. So other than the throwing up and a mild fever… I just didn’t know. We had switched him to Gerber Soy because he spits up more than most babies, but with the new formula he was more than spitting up, he was actually throwing up. I was so worried about him becoming dehydrated. 

After a full day of going back to Gerber Soothe this morning during his 3 a.m. feeding he was able to keep a bottle down. I don’t know if he just had a little stummy thing or if it was the formula or what, but so far he has kept down three bottles. He was a little extra sleepy this morning, but he was up every hour last night.  

Its tough because he started to get a little sick on the weekend, when doctor offices are closed. I really believe with a baby Turner’s age, it is more dangerous to take him to a contaminated Emergency Room than to wait it out until I can go to the doctors. And now, although he seems to be on the mend, its Labor Day and the doctors office is still closed. 

 Turner’s doctor said if the thrush isn’t cleared up by Wednesday to call… but I don’t see how it can be when he absolutely refuses to take the medicine as directed. 

 Through this entire weekend, I wanted to take him to the ER or urgent care, risk the germs, as long as Turner was seen by a doctor. But Andrew, being the amazing man he is, calmed me down and assured me things were going to be ok. He even joked and said he was gonna hate to see what I did if Turner ever broke his arm. 

 This morning when I got to work I called Andrew, who has the day off and is at home with Turner, to check up on him and Andrew said, “Brittney, its not like he has a concussion from playing in infant little league, he is fine.” 

 So we made it through Turner’s first little scare. I was basically in a pure panic all weekend, I am going to hate to see what it is going to be like when he is actually seriously sick. Andrew might as well plan to have me committed.


3 thoughts on “Turner’s first ailment

  1. It is SOOOOO hard when your little one is sick! I am equally as neurotic as you, believe me! 😉 Glad you made it through ok.

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