Turner vs his puppy brother and sister

I hope not to offend anyone with today’s post. I am slammed at work (as usual) and don’t want to neglect the opportunity to blog today. This subject stems from a conversation with Andrew last night, and he suggested I blog about it, so blame it on him if you don’t agree. 🙂


So last night, Andrew and I were hanging out with Turner and decided that while it is truly remarkable to be responsible for another life, for creating and shaping a human being, so far on this adventure into parenthood, raising Turner has essentially mirrored raising a puppy.

Like a lot of couples, starting out, Andrew and I adopted two puppies together. They were rescues that we got when they were about 10 weeks old. While I do not, and I am sure some of you feel the same way, like comparing my beautiful, perfect little prince to a dog.. I cannot ignore the similarities so far.

My main responsibility so far is to shower Turner with love, to make him feel safe and to give him a home, all things Andrew and I did with our two pups. I am also responsible for feeding, grooming, and cleaning up Turner’s poop, all things Andrew and I did with our two pups.

When Turner poops, I glance at it to make sure it looks ok to know he is not sick… poop is a great indicator of illness in babies…. same goes for our fur babies!

Its frowned on to leave either in a hot car….

Our pups require constant attention and affection. When they are upset or bored they cry, just like Turner. When Turner was born, we moved the dogs outside permanently, but before that, the only way they would sleep was cuddled up in the bed with us, just like Turner. And not to mention when they were little pups they would not sleep at night but instead wanted to run around and party all night, also, just like Turner.

So while I fully understand that Turner is more than a dog and the things Andrew and I do with Turner now have lasting effects on his growth and development into an adult, essentially a three-month-old human being is equivalent  to a three-month pup. I know (well, hope) that Turner’s development will not peak like his puppy brother and sister’s have, but in the meantime… its a great realization and advice to new couples that getting a puppy, especially two, is pretty legit practice for parenthood.


5 thoughts on “Turner vs his puppy brother and sister

  1. I LOVE this article. I’m not a mom, but I’ve been attacked for comparing my fur babies to a human baby. But there are so many similarities! They both require the same love and attention! Great article, and thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one who feels this way!

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