Top 8 reasons raising a child is the same as raising a dog

  1. You have to feed and water them every day.


Puppies and babies both require constant feeding and watering. When you are just getting started, its takes a couple of days to get them on a good schedule and figure out their likes and dislikes.


  1.  You have to make sure you groom and bathe them at least weekly…


Babies and puppies are both generally clean, especially if they live inside. So a weekly bath typically takes care of whatever food or poop they roll around in.

  1. Its frowned on to leave either in a car unattended.


While it would be much easier to run into the store without lugging them along… you tend to collect some questionable stares if you leave either in a car alone. I still haven’t been able to understand why its acceptable to leave the child alone in the car while I pump gas… but if I walk inside to pay… its morally questionable.

  1. You have to give them lots of attention.


I don’t know what requires more attention, newborns or puppies. Both want nothing more than to be held and petted and showered in kisses, all day, every day.

  1. When they cry you panic and do whatever it takes to make it stop.


The art of raising a newborn and the challenge of a new puppy is all about getting to know each other. So when either a pup or baby cries, you tend to go through a checklist of things to find out what is causing the discomfort to make sure you can fix it as soon as possible.

  1. They sleep best when cuddled up in bed with you.


While co-sleeping with a baby isn’t ideal and sharing a bed with a pup can turn a king size bed into a cot, its hard to resist letting them crawl into bed each night. Sleeping with a baby or a pup isn’t always for their benefit either. Sometimes it is a selfish decision for the owner!

  1. They don’t understand why you get mad if they make a mess, so you just clean it up.


Neither develop very quickly, and surprising, sometimes its hard to tell if a mess was made by a baby or by the pup. Either way, you clean it up and regardless of how mad you may be, you know it will do little to no good to do anything so you just love on them instead.

  1. You become an expert on their poop.


You are not doctor. But when all of a sudden their poop looks differently than it had been, its a tell tale sign that something may be wrong. Getting them house broken seems like an uphill battle. Both babies and puppies poop where they want, when they want. And just when you are about to give up and plan to spend your life in a urine smelled house… they surprise you and get if figured out.  


5 thoughts on “Top 8 reasons raising a child is the same as raising a dog

  1. Omg,with just getting a puppy a little over a year ago and now reading this….it’s so true. I bet if they were to give a teenage girl a puppy for a week she would not want to have a baby just yet.

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