Making millions as a mother

It is all I can do it keep it together. Andrew left this morning for what is essentially a two week long work trip. First up North, then out to San Diego. So its just me and Turner. I have said it before, when Andrew is gone, I am virtually a single mother. A single mother who is working what amounts to more than full time. I have already had three meetings today, still have one tonight that Turner will have to come with me too, and I am running on very little sleep. I do not know how other women do it. It is exhausting.


Instead of once again writing a “woe is me” about how tough things are when Andrew is gone, today I want to write about how I could potentially become a millionaire. Since work is slammed again today, this will be a short post.

Since becoming a momma, I have had to assemble more things than I would ever want to do again. From the crib, to play pens, to toys, to strollers, to just about everything short of diapers, I have had to put together things for Turner. Andrew did an amazing job helping with the crib, but other than that, I put everything together because he has a bit of a temper and tends to get a little frustrated with things.

I am confident that I could easily become a millionaire if I opened up a store that had all the baby essentials, but assembled them for you. You buy the crib, and then for no extra charge, they send a tech out to put it together for you. I know part of that process is considered nesting, and a stage mothers should go through, but doing the whole shebang, is just a little much. Even at 102 days old, I am still putting things together for Turner.

This weekend we got him another play mat for him to lay on. Now it wasn’t hard to put together, but that is beside the point. I would be willing to pay an extra $10 bucks or so to but it already assembled.

I don’t see why, for the price I pay for a stroller, why it can’t come with the wheels already on. While I am wrangling a newborn, the last thing I need to worry about it putting stinking wheels on a stroller. How hard would it be to make a box a couple inches bigger to make room for those dang wheels?? Or why is it not an option to have someone put it together for me there. I’d pay for it. So if I opened a store or business that offered this service, you know, like how lowes will come out and install the windows you buy from them… that I would become a millionaire. Other mothers have to be just as annoyed as I am with garbage like this.

I also have inventions that I just cannot believe have not been invented yet for mothers. You know how they make a hook that snaps on to a table so you can put your purse on it so it doesnt reach the ground? Well, I’d pay good money for something like that for a carseat. All too many times do I find myself bent over swinging Turner in the careseat when I am not at home because its the only thing that will keep him content. If I had one of those hooks, it would turn the carseat into a portable swing and be a lifesaver! It seems so simple to create!

Why on earth has someone not created a lightweight carseat? Turner weighs a good 14 pounds, but with that dang carseat, he has to be nearly 30. I can barely lug that thing around. You would think with all of the advancements in today’s day and age, there would be something safe that didn’t weigh double what the kid weighs!

The carseat straps…. what is that? Why do those annoying little clips need to slide all the way to the bottom of the straps to force me to dig into Turner’s sides to find them and piss him off. Why does it have to be so hard? Not to mention that there could easily be velcro or a hook of some sort on the side of the carseat to hold the straps up so I can place Turner into the seat without first putting him on top of those dang straps!!

Oh, and would the harm be in putting wheels and extendable handle on a carseat, like they do luggage? Would make things so much dang easier. Sometimes I dont need to lug around a stroller and a more portable carseat would be awesome!


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2 thoughts on “Making millions as a mother

  1. I have always thought that a carseat with handles and wheels was a great idea. Like luggage…you could make money by suggesting it to one of those company’s that make carseats…worth a try…

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