My own little secret

I debated about writing this, only because the pictures that are used are a little embarrassing, but I think its something great for new moms and women alike. While I am fighting with my body’s change since pregnancy, I have found that my clothes do not feel the same.


In my early blog (, I wrote about my problems in dealing with this, and well my feelings have not changed much. But, for $15 from walmart, I have found something that sure does make me feel a little bit better wearing my clothes. 

Click here to see shirt:

 I’m at an awkward size and shape where some of my old clothes fit, even if they fit a little different, and I am still fighting to lose the last of the baby weight, and for my skin to stretch back to pre-baby position.

The Shape shapper I found at Walmart sucks in and tightens my body. It makes me feel better about how I look in my clothes. It is not as restrictive as spanx, and certainly doesn’t cost as much but offers a visible difference.

More than anything else, the little tank top just smooths out everything. I have noticed that where some bulges and roles would normal be, at the top of my pants or around my bra straps, the undershirt eliminates those and makes my midsection look more smooth.

The shirt also makes by boobs not look so out of wack. Still trying to find a permeant shape and place after breastfeed, somedays they poke out of my bra like I’m smuggling watermelons, and other days they sit a little lower than I would like. Well this undershirt fixes that and make them look like natural parts of my body, not the tumors pregnancy has made them.

The one down fall I have found is that the shirt rides up some, which gets annoying, and until you get used to it, its a little suffocating. But hey, you cannot put a price on beauty!

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4 thoughts on “My own little secret

  1. I am still struggling with this! I haven’t ventured into shapewear yet, but it’s a great idea! Pregnancy changes your body forever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel good about our bodies again. You are beautiful mama!

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