A weekend full of learning as a mother

I wrote this yesterday, but due to the internet at the office being down all day… it is posted today. Hopefully, if time allows, I will be able to post something else later today!

This past weekend me, Andrew and Turner went to Auburn to visit some of Andrew’s family. The weekend taught me several things about traveling with a little one, both about the challenges and rewards.


This isn’t the first time we have traveled with Turner. When he was much younger (hard to believe that is possible considering he is just a little over four months old), we took him on a trip up North, then a trip to Florida. Those trips were easy as pie. He slept most of the way, but was was around a month old, so that was to be expected. Well, now, not only does Turner never sleep, he also requires constant attention. So when he hears me and Andrew talking in the front seat, he does NOT want to be left out, so a lot of the trip, I had to ride in the back seat and talk to Turner instead. I know most of the things I do with Turner are a little over bearing, and I probably shouldn’t have given into his cries and should have let him self soothe in the backseat, but it just breaks my heart. Not to mention, driving through Atlanta traffic with a screaming baby is not the easiest thing. So I elected to crawl in the backseat with him and give him any and all attention he wanted.

How do people do it, drive or ride with a screaming child? Its more distracting than text and driving or trying to eat a Big Mac and drive. Turner is also at the stage to where he is really finding his voice so he has some Whitney Houston type high pitched yells. He can really hit the high notes, and while it is impressive, it can borderline cause your ears to bleed!

This weekend I realized that Turner never lets us know when he has a dirty diaper. That may sound weird, but let me explain. This weekend someone asked me if Turner was a good baby, and of course I said yet. I said the only time he ever really cries is if he is hungry. The lady responded, “and if he has a dirty diaper?” and I said no. I got to thinking about it, and he really only cries for food. The only way we ever know about a poop diaper is if we smell it or because he poops on a schedule, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and somedays a little in the middle, but not often. He never cries. I guess its a good thing, but he will sit in a dirty diaper for hours. I have to remember to change him every couple of hours, because if I didn’t, I would really never know if he needed it. Is that normal? Is my child a freak? Am I a freak?

For the first time, we used Turner’s car seat as a bed this weekend. I have written about Turner’s sleeping struggles 100 times in 100 different ways, so its no secret that generally, Turner sleeps with me and thats the only way I can get him to sleep for longer than 30 minutes, even if it ends up being for an hour at a time all night long. Well, this weekend at Andrew’s grandparents condo in Auburn, instead of putting Turner in the bed with us, I let him sleep in his car seat. My younger sister always let her daughter sleep in the car seat, and she generally slept best there, but we hadn’t ever tried it with Turner. Well, he did so well on Saturday in his car seat, when we got home on Sunday, I was hopeful that maybe it would work out and then I could put Turner in his car seat at night in our room by the bed instead of on the couch… well that was an epic fail. As soon as the clock struck midnight, he was awake and refused to go to sleep until I held him with me. So like every other night, last night was rough.

 Turner became a thumb sucker this week. He started around Wednesday and does it periodically. Anytime anyone sees him doing it, their first reaction is how cute it is, but then they quickly go into some horror story or the other about how a friend of theirs has a friend who has a cousin who’s son sucked his thumb until he was 14 and turned in a bed wetter. Turner hasn’t been interested in a paci since he had the bad case of Thrush, so if he wants to self-soothe with his thumb, I am game. Anything to keep him happy. If he turns out to be a bed wetter at 14, who cares, that just means he will never leave me, which I am ok with.

Probably the highlight of my weekend came when I was riding in the backseat with Turner on our way home. I called him my little boy and he started crying. I know it sounds weird that that is my highlight, but Turner does a pouty face that is to die for and I am obsessed with it. So of course I took a ton of pics and videos and for a good 30 minutes and every time I called him a little boy, he cried. It was precious. So, this weekend I learned, that at four-months, Turner has already established that he was a big boy.

I also decided this weekend that more restaurants need car seat swings. Typically when we take Turner somewhere, we will just but him in a booth or in a chair because restaurants always ask us if we want to flip a highchair over for him. I have worked at a couple different restaurants and one time, I saw a child fall out of a flipped over highchair and vowed I would never put my child in one, and I haven’t. Andrew and I are big foodies. We really like eating out and trying new places, so we eat out often. Probably at a rate of twice a week. On our way home from a stop in Newnan, GA to see my family yesterday while driving up from Auburn, we decided to stop at Hooters. I love Hooters, its probably one of my favorite places and we don’t have one anywhere close to us. Well, regardless of Hooters reputation, Hooters was the first and only restaurant that has had a car seat swing for us to put Turner in. Maybe restaurants we have been to have them, but no where has ever offered one to us until yesterday. So more places need them. They are safer than the table or chair and definitely a better option than a flipped over high chair!

 And finally, I learned that I loathe double strapped diaper bags. The two strap style is the most frustrating thing in the world. When you are lugging a baby and everything else around, and the straps are falling off your shoulders and stuff is falling out, its enough to drive you insane! So I am in search with a single strap diaper bag, but not a huge one. I like the one that is the size of a normal purse. I don’t need a diaper bag that seconds as gym bag!  


5 thoughts on “A weekend full of learning as a mother

  1. Amazed that someone said Baby T. would be a bed wetter from sucking his thumb. Pooh on that, never heard of that one. He is adorable and I agree let his suck on his thumb and his toes as well if he can ever get them up there 😉 HA HA Every child is different. I sucked my bottle until the day I went to kindergarten (true story) and the only way my parents got it away from me was to tell me they wouldn’t let me go to school and I threw it away myself. It was so bad I was to the point of taking it to the fridge and filing it myself…just a tad spoiled myself when I was little. They are only little once.

  2. My little guy doesn’t cry over dirty diapers either and I am guilty of sometimes letting him sit too long in poop. So no, neither you nor that sweet baby are freaks, haha!

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