Getting ready for our first Halloween

I am beyond excited for Turner’s first Halloween. I love dressing up and having theme parties (if you couldn’t already tell by the fact that I have monthly theme birthday parties for my newborn). I have a full theme for Turner, Andrew and my own costumes to all be equally awesome on their own and super awesome when they are put together.

 Turner’s costume came a few weeks ago, Andrew’s came last Friday, and mine arrived yesterday. I am super stinking excited about it. Our town has something called PumpkinFest, which is an awesome family event for Halloween. In addition to a pumpkin roll and trick or treating at shops around Main Street, there is a a costume parade and contest that you better believe we will be entering.

 What makes Halloween the most exciting, is that Andrew is as equally as excited as I am. I think too often, dad’s kinda stand on the sidelines for these kind of things and let the moms do it while they watch from afar, but not Andrew. He is so excited about his costume, he said we needed to find somewhere else to dress up to wear it more than once! 

Here is a little hint at what we plan on doing… I can’t give it away entirely!


Narrowing down what to dress up like was nearly impossible. It was never a question as to IF we were going to dress up together, but instead, I have been thinking and bouncing ideas off Andrew since August! Our second choice was going to be that Andrew and I dress as pirates with Turner being our parrot, but what we actually are going to dress up as beat out that idea.








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