Post pregnancy menstruation monster

This may be too much information, and what some deem inappropriate to share to friends, not to mention the complete strangers who stumble on my blog, but I started this to be open and real about EVERY aspect of being a first time mom, and I don’t want to make any exceptions, and if it helps a soon to be mom, then I have accomplished my goal… so here it goes…

No one, not a single friend or family member or even my doctor warned me about what my first menstrual cycle was going to be like after giving birth. But now, talking to the ladies in my office, all of which who are extraordinary mothers, apparently ovary wrenching pain during your first couple of menstrual cycle is status quo, and even worse than that… apparently from now on, “that time of the month” is going to be completely different. Thanks for the warning guys!

I have been on this (my first since I had Turner in May) cycle for exact three weeks now. I am in agonizing pain. My back and ovaries are on fire. Just day to day activity is gut wrenching and beyond painful. There isn’t enough Midol in the world to fix what I have going on, trust me, I have tried.

On top of the sleepless nights and 6 am wake up calls before a full days of work, the complete exhaustion that I am feeling is beyond overwhelming. I have never had difficult cycles. In fact, before Turner, I had used the depo provera shot as birth control, and then I didn’t even have a cycle at all. So now to have this monster of a monthly visitor, with people now telling me this is what I need to get used to… I disagree. I don’t want to play this game, count me out!


Some sort of preparation from the doctor would have been nice. Maybe that is my fault for not going to more first time mommy classes. But I feel like basic first time mom information should be included in my monthly doctor visits, that turned into bi-weekly, then weekly then every three week follow ups. Somewhere in that marathon of doctor visits, you think someone somewhere might have mentioned this to me.

I would see all these commercials before I had a child about menstrual cycles and be so confused about how those woman seemed to have such trouble each month, mine were a breeze. Well, that is because a real menstrual cycle, and real issues do not even matter pre pregnancy. Its like a vetting process, a passage into womanhood, surviving the post pregnancy cycles is the top of the mountain, when you reach that adult status. It could easily be a superhero power. A power I do not have, do not want to have, and hope and pray that in the next few days I will not need, because if something doesn’t give, the monthly monster is going to win and fear for everyone in eyesight when it happens.

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3 thoughts on “Post pregnancy menstruation monster

  1. Sorry to hear it’s been so painful. Are you nursing? Whenever I nursed my baby, I would have painful cramps. The nursing supposedly helped my uterus to shrink after childbirth hence the pain. Though I did not experience as much pain as you have been having, I imagine it will lessen in time as mine did. If you have not seen or talked to your doctor about this, I encourage you to do so.

  2. Sounds rough! Luckily, I never experienced this. Maybe inquire about the Mirena IUD??? I had it and did not like it, but I am the only person I know of who isn’t singing it’s praises. Most people do great with it and eventually cease menstruation. Either way, something needs to be done about what you’re experiencing. It doesn’t sound normal and to he quite honest, I don’t know of any friends who experienced what you’re going through. Hope you get relief ASAP.

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