Battling a world that isn’t always child friendly

I never thought I would be “that” mom. The type that would want to boycott places that are not more child friendly, but the time has come. There are few things more frustrating than having to change a baby on a cramped sink top or even worse, the floor of a bathroom, all because some place you are at doesn’t have a proper changing table. It should be a law really. I shouldn’t have to balance my son on the edge of a sink to change his diaper at a business. There should be a changing table there.

 Also, I have yet to find somewhere that has the little boxes for liners for the changing table to actually have liners in it. That is about as frustrating as not having a table at all. There are never liners in any of them, ever. So I bring a blanket or grab some paper towels or wipe down the table with wipes first. Why is it so difficult to accommodate children?

 I am so appreciative when I find changing tables that have hooks on the walls or the ends. Anytime I do not have to put the diaper bag or my purse on the ground makes things so much easier. Trying to bend down to get supplies while watching a squirmy little boy who refuses to cooperate makes the entire process so much more difficult. Any thing that helps is amazing. The rooms at babies R’ us (while of course they are going to be accommodating) are magical. Plenty of room and proper materials needed to change or soothe a child. All bathrooms should be like that.

Another thing I cannot stand are restaurants that do not have car seat swings. No, I do not want to put my child on a chair or on a highchair flipped upside down. While working in a restaurant, I have seen both of those scenarios end badly. They are not steady or stable and can end disastrously. The swings for car seats are made to fit perfectly and have safety straps. I don’t see what it is so hard for restaurants to get them for parents. 

Not a single restaurant I have been to in my town has had the swing. Either they don’t have them, or they were not offered to us. That is just bad business. The swings should also be required.


Grocery stores. Grocery store carts have a sign that says do not put your car seat in the front of the cart. Well, while some places have built in car seat shaped seats for children, there are never enough. And they are usually placed in the back of the cart selection to where I cannot get to them. And if by chance one is available, wipes to sanitize it are never there. Beyond frustrating!

I think if a business or place, such as a public park, is not accommodating to parents with children, they obviously do not want my business and that is a shame. While it may sound drastic, but like there are standards to make places accessible for handicapped citizens, there should be guidelines for children as well.



2 thoughts on “Battling a world that isn’t always child friendly

  1. I always bring a diaper clutch with me that has a small changing table pad. I can just wipe it down when I’m done.

    I’m shocked that restaurants are even allowed to put babies in an upside down high chair. I’d rather hold my child the entire time. I like the slings, but half of them have broken buckles. Then the only place to put the sling is in a high traffic area and people are rushing through, bumping the carrier. I try to get an over-sized booth so she can sit on the inside out of harm’s way.

    Fortunately, my daughter is old enough now that she can sit in a high chair and the front of a shopping cart. But I always use a cover in both the high chair and the shopping cart. Sanitizing wipes are not enough for me when my 8 month old is putting everything in her mouth!

    What is also frustrating to me is the lack of changing tables in men’s bathrooms. I always have to change her when we’re traveling because there is no where to change her in the men’s room.

    You shouldn’t feel bad for boycotting places that aren’t accommodating for their smallest patrons!

    • The mens rooms is an excellent point! I hadn’t thought about that, I guess I just always take him when we are going places. Since Andrew and i travel so much, a lot of times we just put him on the seat in the car, at least I know that is cleaner than most public places! I have a diaper changing pad too, but since I carry a small diaper bag it doesn’t fit, maybe I should upsize just to carry it!

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