Childhood jealousy is just adorable

Every Monday, we take Turner to his grandma’s (Andrew’s momma) house. Since he was a little more than six weeks old, every Monday he had gotten to play with his Grammie and get all the attention of his Aunt K and not had a care in the world. Well, this past Monday, that all changed. His younger cousin Royce came to stay with him for a few hours, showing Turner’s very first signs of jealousy.

 Kayla and Debbie, Andrew’s sister and mom, had warned me that while Turner loved playing with Royce, he was jealous. When I got to Debbie’s after work, I was holding and talking to Royce and Turner started to let out high pitched squeals that I had never heard before! He was flailing his arms and kicking his legs and couldn’t have been less of a fan of seeing his momma with someone else!


While I am sure it was momentarily traumatic for him, it was just absolutely precious for me. Kinda melted my heart a little bit. Its good to know that he acknowledges me in a sense that he is mine and I am his.

Turner’s first stint with jealousy, while I am sure he doesn’t have the understanding quite of what he was actually feeling, was just the sweetest. But I am sure it will be short-lived, as from now on Turner will be spending part of his Monday’s with his sweet cousin Royce.

 I just feel for Debbie, who has to juggle the jealousy all day between the two boys who are exactly 10 weeks apart. I am sure that is going to be a theme within our family for the rest of our lives. While Royce is 10 weeks younger (Turner was in the delivery room when Royce was born), he is about the same size as Turner. I can see a childhood of competitiveness with sports and other aspects of growing up coming between the two.

It is different with Turner and Madison, Turner’s cousin on my side of the family. Maybe it is because Madison is a girl, or because she is almost 20 months old, but Turner is not the jealous one in that relationship, Madison is. Rightfully so too considering Madison was the first baby born in my family and for the fact that she is absolutely adorable. When Turner was first born, Madison wanted no part in her mother holding Turner. She would try to climb between him and whoever was holding him.


Even now, if you are playing with Turner, she will want to sit on your lap or cuddle up to you, its really sweet. Last night, I put Turner on one of her toys, and not to be outdone, she climbed right on the back with him. When Turner is at my mom’s house (who keeps him every Tuesday) he often sits in a bouncer. Yesterday when my mom came out of the bathroom, Maddy had climbed up and forced herself into the bouncer with him. She certainly always wants to be included.

Childhood jealousy is adorable. I am sure experts argue that it translates into problems as they grow older and blah blah blah, but for right now, all around it is adorable and I am eating it up!  


One thought on “Childhood jealousy is just adorable

  1. My little guy has the same response if he sees me holding another baby. I think it must be really confusing for them at that age. Glad you are seeing the positive.

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