Settling for second place

Andrew and I are extremely competitive individuals. I fear for Turner as he gets older because I know that Andrew will be in the front of the line to sign up to coach any sport Turner wants to try out. It could be underwater basket weaving and Andrew is going to be right there to cheer Turner on and coach him in anyway he can.


Well this past weekend was our town’s annual Halloween celebration, PumpkinFest. We entered Turner into the costume contest and believe it or not, Turner took second place in his age division!

Prepping for the event began in August. Andrew and I strategically planned which costume would be best for Turner. We searched for hours, bounced ideas off each other, and new creativity was going to be the key. We of course wanted to dress up with him, so we had to think of a complete idea or theme to incorporate the entire family. We didn’t want to be too commercial or be too themed around pop culture. You risk selecting something that a judge may not be familiar with, so we wanted to keep it simple.

We also didn’t want to go to the store and buy something to fit him because that lacks originality. We formed an idea first, then sought out costumes. With Turner being 5-months-old (well he will be 5 months on the 30th) and this being our first Halloween, we thought the celebration of firsts would be a good road to go down.

So after lengthy debate and deliberation, and consideration of the judge’s mindset in the competition, we decided to develop a “First Thanksgiving” theme. A play on this year being our first Thanksgiving together, all while playing homage to the historical aspects of our nation’s first Thanksgiving, we developed a concept that wowed the judges and secured a second place victory.

I warned Andrew going into the competition that it will be hard to beat cute little girls. Eyeing the competition beforehand, there were some adorable little girls. Turner’s age division was 0-2 years old, an 18 month little girl dressed up like a crazy cat lady in a robe, curlers, and stuffed cats was precious and the only contestant that came close to Turner, she took the first place medal.

 When we were waiting to hear the results, another precious little girl dressed as the Coppertone baby, compete with a dog glued to her bottom and adorable pig tails, had me worried. Those little girls were some stiff competition. But as soon as Coppertone was announced as the third place winner, I knew we were in.

Admittedly, Turner may have had an unfair advantage, but it is not my fault that Andrew and I were such dedicated parents we elected to be props for Turner’s competition. We had a wagon decorated like the dinner table with pumpkins, gourds, and leaves, and a bumper seat strapped securely in the middle to prop Turner right in the middle as the project’s centerpiece. And no first Thanksgiving feast can be complete without a dashing pilgrim and jaw dropping indian to escort him on stage.

Despite the bite of cold resulting in Turner’s first runny nose and a few sleepless nights because of a minor cold to follow, all in all it was a fantastic, triumphant morning.

 Second place is a great starting point. We now have just over 350 to get our act together to ensure that first place victory will be ours next year.  


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