Turner, HATES being called a little boy

A while back I posted pictures from Turner crying when I called him a little boy, well, I finally got the video uploaded, watching it still makes me so happy.


My little santa

I happen to be in the office today, and while I do not have enough time to write a full blog entry, I wanted to share this perfect picture of Turner in his Santa outfit. I am just so in love with this little boy!



My sister took the photo, she is a progressional photographer, check out her page:


Ready for a little bit of growing up

I am so obsessed with Turner. I have said it before, but it may be the “new mom” feeling, but I would go to the end of the moon and back for that little boy. He completely consumes my heart. There isn’t a thing in this world that I wouldn’t gladly do for him in a moments notice. I think he is absolutely perfect in every single way.

With that being said, while I already think he has grown up too fast, there are a few things that I wish he would hurry up and get the hang of. For example… he is more than welcomed to start holding his bottle on his own. Any day now, I sure would appreciate it. He tries really hard, but just cannot get the hang of of it.

 Turner has been able to sit up on his own since he was three months old. He is much more stable now and sits up straight for hours on end, but I have to prop him up to make it happen. He hasn’t quite mastered being able to get to a sitting position on his own. I am also ready for him to do that too.

One thing that Turner recently has been able to do, that I am so proud of, is put himself to sleep. It was a big deal when he started to sleep on his own, and he has been doing a great job of it night after night. I was happy with that, but when I was able to lay him in his bed with a toy and realized that in a matter of minutes he had fallen asleep on his own, without needing to be rocked. That was monumental! Then another night after he had gotten up to eat around 3 a.m., I put him back to bed even though he was not asleep, and instead of being rocked, he went to sleep on his own. This may seem silly and normal for most babies, but not for mine. Not for mine at all. I could have turned cartwheels I was so excited!

Another thing that I am ready for him to grow out of is his utter hatred of the carseat. I don’t know if other parents have experiences the same thing, but Turner screams at the top of his lungs when he is placed in his carseat, at least nine times out of 10. I mean pitches a fit like someone was beating him. It almost never fails. I don’t know why, but he does. So any day now, when he is ready to get used to it, I am ready for him.

Everything else can stay the same. I am not ready for him to crawl or walk or talk or anything. I want him to continuing being my perfect almost six month old.  


Finding time for myself among a world of changes

I have really fallen behind in my weekly blog postings. I am sorry, especially because I love them so much. But luckily, Andrew and I will be moving at the first of the month, so I will have internet service at home. With that option now, I will be able to post at home at night instead of trying to fit it in while I am working.

I am really looking for some big changes in my life right now. In addition to moving, which Andrew and I are so happy about because its a great location for our jobs and his family in Macon and my family in Jackson, we no longer will have a 45 minute drive to church either. Its in a gated community so I will feel much safer being at home alone with Turner while Andrew is traveling for work, and there is phone and internet service, so I will be a very productive member of society! The house is beautiful and will give us so much more room for Turner. In Turner’s short 5 ½ months here, he has accumulated more things than Andrew and I combined and we have completely outgrown our current home. Its amazing how fast it all happened. And with Christmas right around the corner, we don’t have room for a Christmas tree, must less a place for any toys he may get. So a new house is a big move, but a better move, and we are excited.

I am also looking at a job transition. I love my job. I have never wanted to do anything in my life other than write and help people. As a newspaper reporter I get to do those things ever single day. While I write about news, I also get to write about features, which range from highlighting the community or raising awareness for a cause. I love doing it every single day. I love the people and friends I have met, and the lives that I have impacted. I would want nothing more than to work for a community newspaper for the rest of my life. But unfortunately, I live in a very small town. We have two papers, the one I work for and one other. So there are not an abundance of jobs floating around. But I have reached a breaking point with my current employer. I hate it really, because personally, work is perfect, but I think professionally, it is time for a job transition. I feel like I am abandoning the community, but I think (I hope and pray) it is what is best for my family. I am still not certain thought. Especially with the holidays, its so hard to take a leap of faith with Christmas and things right around the corner. I have looked into a few other career opportunities, and hopefully, if it is what God sees to be best for me, it will all work out. Its in his hands now. Just keep your fingers crossed for me in the meantime.

We went and had our Christmas photos taken at Turner Field this weekend. As I am sure you are all aware by now, Andrew and I are huge Braves fans, I mean, our son’s name is Turner. So when the opportunity came to take Christmas pictures on the field, we jumped on it. We were one of 16 families who got to do it. We got to hang out in the Braves Clubhouse. It was a lot of fun. We are waiting for the professional photos from the Braves to come to order Christmas cards, but we were able to snap some photos ourselves, so enjoy those.


I really want to post more. I need input from other moms. I find myself having days that I really struggle with depression. I don’t know if you would consider it postpartum depression, or if its just the same depression I have struggled with my entire life. But regardless, some days are hard and being able to talk to other mothers not just about that, but just about being a mom in general, is a beautiful therapeutic thing. I appreciate you all taking time to read what I write and I really appreciate all of your input and advice. This motherhood thing is hard, and I learn something everyday.




We have a sleeping baby!

Andrew and I were woken up by the phone ringing this morning at 7:36. I am not telling you all this because of the importance of the phone call, but rather to point out that we were not woken up by Turner crying, this my friends, is a first.

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but lets be honest, as a full time mom with a full time job, my time is limited.

For the last few nights Turner has slept great. I am no longer co-sleeping with him. We moved his playpen into the living room and that is where he sleeps. For the last few nights he has only woken up once to eat, and that wasn’t until 4 or 5 a.m. Because he isn’t waking up and taking a bottle three times a night, he is staying dryer, also preventing him to wake up mad because he is wet. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Last night he woke up at 4 a.m., I got up and fed him him then rocked him back to sleep. Then, for the first time, instead of him waking up around 6:30 a.m. crying for someone to pick him up, whenever he woke up, he just kept himself occupied. He didn’t cry, he didn’t grumble, he was content. When I woke up and answered the phone, I looked in the playpen, and there was turner, just on his tummy smiling at us as if was the most normal thing in the world.

It was remarkable. If you have read my blog in the past, you know that the hardest thing to date about being a new mom is figuring out sleeping. So to be able to put Turner down at 9 p.m. and have him stay there content until 4 or 5 a.m. is basically nothing short of a miracle. This has only been going on the last few days, and I pray it continues, but even if it doesn’t the few days of relief and a little extra sleep has honestly been life changing! 


Other new things with Turner. He is really starting to love baby food. It is so cute to see him open his mouth and ask for more. We have also given him carrot and celery sticks, which he loves because it feels good on his gums because he is started to have some irritation there.

 He is basically a grown up. Andrew talks about how Turner isn’t a sweet baby anymore, but instead he is a serious little boy, its so true. We might as well start collecting college applications because he has grown up so much in the last few days that I feel like he is ready to leave me. I know it sounds silly and everyone says it, but they say it because it is true, they really do grow up so fast.  


Comparing diaper brands

I am all about trying new things. I like trying new brands and new evolutions of things and finding which product works best for Turner.

 I had been seeing commercials for the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers that are supposed to keep babies dry the best at night time. Turner hates getting his diaper changed, and at night time, it messes his entire world up. So when I go to change his diaper, he wakes up as if it is morning time and it is a seemingly endless fight to get him back to sleep. Plus, he always wakes up and can’t get back to sleep because of having a wet diaper. I try to change him as late as possible, usually around midnight, and hope that lasts at least until midnight, but I am rarely successful.


 So when I started seeing commercials for the new Pampers Baby Dry I was excited. The commercial shows a baby at 3 am waking up with a wet diaper then implies the new diapers prevents that from happening because they are “extra” absorbent. Well, that was wishful thinking.

Maybe Turner has a man-sized bladder, but if he goes more than two hours at night, his entire onesie is soaked, which not only calls for a diaper change, but depending on the damage, calls for an entire wardrobe change. Last night was the worst. I changed him pretty late, I had to wake him up to do it because with the time change, he is going to bed pretty early, I think last night he went out at 8:30. I changed him around midnight and a few hours later, I heard him stirring so I picked him up to feed him and as soon as I laid him on my chest, I was soaked too. Poor guy. So I changed him again and the entire ordeal turned into at least an hour process and one upset baby.

Not that the Pamper Baby Dry diapers are bad diapers, I just don’t think they are any more or less absorbent than the typical diapers we use.

 As far as brands go, We have had a pretty good success rate with different brands, Huggies, Pampers, store brands. The only brand that I refuse to waste any more money on are Luvs. I despise them. Somehow, that is the only diaper Turner finds ways to pee and it get up his back. Not only that, but one pee and the diaper is a complete waste and I have to change him.

 Diapers are another thing that I hate the quality gets lost in the business of diaper making. I am sure diaper companies want to find a good balance between a quality product and being sure not to create something so absorbent and comfortable that it could last all day. That would result in fewer sales. Kind of like my rant on my formula, the cost is too high for the product, especially since it is something that families need. We aren’t paying for a product, we are paying for that products demand and necessity.

 I guess I would always use cloth diapers, I just do not think that I have the stomach for that.  


A weekend full of fun and memory making

We have certainly been busy since my last post. We finished out Turner’s first Halloween celebration with the carving of his own personal pumpkin chair. He loved it it. In addition to looking adorable, the pumpkin also served as an excellent teething soother. I gutted the pumpkin pretty good then cut out some leg holes and stuck him in it. He loved it, really! Even after snapping a few adorable pictures, we left him in it for a couple of minutes. Ellen Degeneres did a segment on her show about babies in pumpkins. You better believe I will continue to put Turner in a pumpkin every year of his life if it meant I got to meet Ellen!  Turner acted like it was totally normal, and it gave us some great photos to bring out when he brings that first date home to meet the parents.


We had another first this weekend! Andrew and I did some baby Turner shopping for our Christmas photos we are getting done on November 16 at Turner Field in Atlanta. After getting Turner some winter clothes a few early Christmas presents, there were some baby rice cookies by the register. We got the banana flavored ones and Turner just loved them. As soon as I opened them for him he started munching away. Despite the confused bewildered look on his face in the pictures, he loved them. They are a nice little snack for him between bottles. Too bad none of our local grocery stores carry anything close to them.


The cookies were not the only milestone we had in the food department this weekend. Every other attempt we have had to give Turner stage one baby foods has failed miserable. He has spit them out and pitched a fit. He hadn’t grasped the concept of swelling something other than a bottle. Well, last night we thought we would give it a go and gave him some peaches and he loved them. A little later I made some banana oatmeal and he loved that too. It is so sad and may be considered a little pathetic, but the fact that he now eats more than just a bottle and is starting to take a step up as far as baby groceries are concerned makes me so sad. I am not ready for him to be that grown up. He needs to freeze!

Andrew and I spend Saturday away from Turner in Atlanta at the Walker Stalker Convention. We don’t generally spend many days away from Turner. I just don’t like to do it. Regardless of what it is, if I have to pick do something or hang out with Turner, 9.8 times out of 10 I am probably going to pick Turner. Andrew and I had three day passes to the convention, which featured the entire cast of the amazing show The Walking Dead, but could only stand to spend a half a day there because we wanted to get back to Turner. Its not that I worry about who he is with while we are gone, we have amazing family who watch him and love him just as much as we do, but I just want to spend every waking second with that sweet little boy. I do have to admit though. Getting to meet Norman Reedus and seeing so many other cast members up close and personal was pretty incredible!


 We also celebrated Turner’s 5th month birthday!! He Turned 5 months on October 30, so we had to through him a Halloween inspired shindig! Yes, I throw him parties every month, but the reason behind that, is his baby book calls for monthly photos. I wanted something different, something more than just a head shot of him, so we started throwing him parties each month with a star studded guest list including Andrew, Turner’s puppy brother and sister, and me. Just a special way to remember the milestone.