A weekend full of fun and memory making

We have certainly been busy since my last post. We finished out Turner’s first Halloween celebration with the carving of his own personal pumpkin chair. He loved it it. In addition to looking adorable, the pumpkin also served as an excellent teething soother. I gutted the pumpkin pretty good then cut out some leg holes and stuck him in it. He loved it, really! Even after snapping a few adorable pictures, we left him in it for a couple of minutes. Ellen Degeneres did a segment on her show about babies in pumpkins. You better believe I will continue to put Turner in a pumpkin every year of his life if it meant I got to meet Ellen!  Turner acted like it was totally normal, and it gave us some great photos to bring out when he brings that first date home to meet the parents.


We had another first this weekend! Andrew and I did some baby Turner shopping for our Christmas photos we are getting done on November 16 at Turner Field in Atlanta. After getting Turner some winter clothes a few early Christmas presents, there were some baby rice cookies by the register. We got the banana flavored ones and Turner just loved them. As soon as I opened them for him he started munching away. Despite the confused bewildered look on his face in the pictures, he loved them. They are a nice little snack for him between bottles. Too bad none of our local grocery stores carry anything close to them.


The cookies were not the only milestone we had in the food department this weekend. Every other attempt we have had to give Turner stage one baby foods has failed miserable. He has spit them out and pitched a fit. He hadn’t grasped the concept of swelling something other than a bottle. Well, last night we thought we would give it a go and gave him some peaches and he loved them. A little later I made some banana oatmeal and he loved that too. It is so sad and may be considered a little pathetic, but the fact that he now eats more than just a bottle and is starting to take a step up as far as baby groceries are concerned makes me so sad. I am not ready for him to be that grown up. He needs to freeze!

Andrew and I spend Saturday away from Turner in Atlanta at the Walker Stalker Convention. We don’t generally spend many days away from Turner. I just don’t like to do it. Regardless of what it is, if I have to pick do something or hang out with Turner, 9.8 times out of 10 I am probably going to pick Turner. Andrew and I had three day passes to the convention, which featured the entire cast of the amazing show The Walking Dead, but could only stand to spend a half a day there because we wanted to get back to Turner. Its not that I worry about who he is with while we are gone, we have amazing family who watch him and love him just as much as we do, but I just want to spend every waking second with that sweet little boy. I do have to admit though. Getting to meet Norman Reedus and seeing so many other cast members up close and personal was pretty incredible!


 We also celebrated Turner’s 5th month birthday!! He Turned 5 months on October 30, so we had to through him a Halloween inspired shindig! Yes, I throw him parties every month, but the reason behind that, is his baby book calls for monthly photos. I wanted something different, something more than just a head shot of him, so we started throwing him parties each month with a star studded guest list including Andrew, Turner’s puppy brother and sister, and me. Just a special way to remember the milestone.




2 thoughts on “A weekend full of fun and memory making

  1. We still have a pumpkin to carve! I’ll be definitely taking some photos of P2 inside it! That’s a fantastic idea. Oh and I’m totally jealous of you meeting TWD cast!!!! That’s amazing. I wish I lived in America.

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