Comparing diaper brands

I am all about trying new things. I like trying new brands and new evolutions of things and finding which product works best for Turner.

 I had been seeing commercials for the new Pampers Baby Dry diapers that are supposed to keep babies dry the best at night time. Turner hates getting his diaper changed, and at night time, it messes his entire world up. So when I go to change his diaper, he wakes up as if it is morning time and it is a seemingly endless fight to get him back to sleep. Plus, he always wakes up and can’t get back to sleep because of having a wet diaper. I try to change him as late as possible, usually around midnight, and hope that lasts at least until midnight, but I am rarely successful.


 So when I started seeing commercials for the new Pampers Baby Dry I was excited. The commercial shows a baby at 3 am waking up with a wet diaper then implies the new diapers prevents that from happening because they are “extra” absorbent. Well, that was wishful thinking.

Maybe Turner has a man-sized bladder, but if he goes more than two hours at night, his entire onesie is soaked, which not only calls for a diaper change, but depending on the damage, calls for an entire wardrobe change. Last night was the worst. I changed him pretty late, I had to wake him up to do it because with the time change, he is going to bed pretty early, I think last night he went out at 8:30. I changed him around midnight and a few hours later, I heard him stirring so I picked him up to feed him and as soon as I laid him on my chest, I was soaked too. Poor guy. So I changed him again and the entire ordeal turned into at least an hour process and one upset baby.

Not that the Pamper Baby Dry diapers are bad diapers, I just don’t think they are any more or less absorbent than the typical diapers we use.

 As far as brands go, We have had a pretty good success rate with different brands, Huggies, Pampers, store brands. The only brand that I refuse to waste any more money on are Luvs. I despise them. Somehow, that is the only diaper Turner finds ways to pee and it get up his back. Not only that, but one pee and the diaper is a complete waste and I have to change him.

 Diapers are another thing that I hate the quality gets lost in the business of diaper making. I am sure diaper companies want to find a good balance between a quality product and being sure not to create something so absorbent and comfortable that it could last all day. That would result in fewer sales. Kind of like my rant on my formula, the cost is too high for the product, especially since it is something that families need. We aren’t paying for a product, we are paying for that products demand and necessity.

 I guess I would always use cloth diapers, I just do not think that I have the stomach for that.  


4 thoughts on “Comparing diaper brands

  1. Someone gave us 3 bags of CVS brand diapers and they were the first ones to keep Ryan dry from midnight to his 7 am nursing session. also, you can try going up a diaper size at night and see if that helps. Sometimes baby will outgrow the absorbency before the weight!

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