Just a quick post about a newly discovered mom superpower! Like all forward thinking, rational people, I am terrifies of spiders. Not any spider, but ones that are large enough to give me a light back ride yes those are horrifying! 

Well, I was getting ready to feed the dogs the other morning and what comes scurrying across the floor? Because of the ginormous size, I first thought it was a small adult baby in a spider costume, but the. quickly realized it was an actual spider. To my surprise, I didn’t run screaming away, but instead, in true relentless murderer fashion, I shamelessly beat the spider to death.

The second I saw the spider the only thing I could think about was how my son crawls on that floor and it just was NOT big enough for the both of them. I went into mother bear mode and before I could even feel a flicker of fear, I did what I needed to do to protect my sweet, innocent baby bear. 

Mom superpower: knowing no fear when your little prince is in danger! 


4 thoughts on “I am basically a superhero!

  1. This brought back a memory I’d like to share with you. Bear in mind, prior to having Andrew and going through child birth, I was scared of everything, the dark, spiders, snakes, mice. The very first night I brought Andrew home from the hospital, I could not sleep at all. I was a new mom, scared and listened to him breathe (I know extreme). I had a tiny room with a twin size bed and room for his crib so its not likely I would not heave heard him if he needed me. I had a small unicorn nigh lite in front of a mirror so I could see to get around when he woke up. I was laying there in the bed and all of a sudden I saw a HUGE spider (the kind you are talking about, bigger than the newborn…lol) climbing up the mirror in front of the nightlight. I didn’t even think about it. I just jumped out of bed and squashed him to pieces. I am no longer afraid of spiders or much of anything. Being a mom and dad definitely puts a new perspective on being afraid. Thanks for sharing !

  2. I stepped on a scorpion a few months ago to kill it, without hesitation. I do not ever kill things and typically run away… being a mom changes you in lots of ways!

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