Happy New Year, friends!

I know you all are waiting anxiously for Turner’s 7 month pictures (joking) but he has a very nasty cough and is getting more anymore congested each day, so he has been pretty fussy in the evenings. I want him to look happy at his birthday party, so we are going to wait to have his party. 

I think we are going to take him to the doctor tomorrow. I just hate there is nothing I can do for him when he gets this congested. There really should be baby mucinex or something. I don’t see why not. 

Do any of you have advice on training dogs on an electric fence? Between a sick baby, trying to get organized in a new house after Christmas, and well, just living, the new added stress of the dogs might be the end of me. 


Our dogs, to small Boston Terrier mixes, are used for roaming free some during the day. They are inside/outside dogs, and were kept in a fenced in yard during the day, but at our previous house, we let them run in the very dog friendly neighborhood about once a day. Well, the new house’s HOA doesn’t allow fencing, or dogs to run around. So after a stern warning from our very nosey neighbors, we tried walking the dogs on leashes. Well, they hated that, as well as their new crate and started acting out. In addition to throwing up and pooping in their cage, they refuse to use the bathroom on a leash, which resulted in them waiting until we weren’t looking to go inside the house, usually in Turner’s room. 

We broke down and spent a hefty amount of money on a wireless electronic dog fence. First attempts at the fence, the dogs took off running and when it started to shock them, when it was on the highest setting possible. they kept running further and further into the shocking section. So that was a disaster. Now, we have taken them and slowly introduced them to the borders, but they hate the leashes and not being able to roam free, they either run back to the front door, or walk around refusing to go to the bathroom. I am at the end of my rope with them, and Andrew has already let the rope go entirely. 


I would hate to put them up for adoption. Turner loves them so much. He crawls to them and loves on them and its the sweetest thing you have ever seen. They love him and take great care of him. I would also hate to try to find a home for them because I would not give them up unless they were adopted out together because they were litter mates and have never been separated. 

I just do not know what to do. This morning’s attempt was better with them walking around more, at least for the Legend, the boy dog. But Lola, just ran back to the front door. Even when we took the leashes off, they didn’t run far, but refused to use the bathroom, so I know when I get home, the crate, which they hate and are still not used to, will once again be a mess. 

I already had to give away my sweet cat because he and Turner were not a good match, I don’t want to have to do it again. Any words of encouragements? Advice? 


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