Getting over RSV and trying to still balance life

For the first time since Christmas, Turner really smiled at us. RSV has just really had him bogged down. Even though he seems to be feeling much better in the sense that he is playing and laughing, he still has a fierce call, so per doctor’s recommendations, I am taking him back in to get looked at this afternoon. It is probably for the best, especially since I need to get checked out myself. I have a nasty cough and feel like I have swallowed glass, so a doctor’s exam might be the best idea for us all. 


Another quick update, the dogs seems to be taking a little better to the dog fences. Despite them hating going outside in the cold, its pretty easy to get Legend, our male dog to go outside. Lola, the female, is not quite as easy. They will go, we no longer have to walk them, but usually they run from the back door to the side door and are ready to come back in. We have gotten them used to the fence, and they know the boundaries, I just hope with time they will start to use the bathroom outside. I am pretty sure Legend is used to it, and doesn’t mind going outside and staying within the boundaries. But one of the culprits, even after being outside for extended periods of time, will come right in the house and pee and poop inside. My money in on Lola, even though we have never actually caught either dog doing it. A plus size of the electric fence, since the dogs don’t love going outside, they have become a heck of a lot easier to get in the crate. They used to hate it, and crate training them while training them on the fence was terrible at the same time, but then one day, at risk of being put outside, they went straight in the crate and had no problem with it whatsoever, so thats a plus. 

Wish us luck on getting over this crud. Hopefully Turner will feel well enough this weekend we can finally have his 7 month birthday party, a little delayed, but still important for our memory box. 


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