Am I doing this mother thing right?

I know there is no right or wrong way to parent. I strongly believe that the old adage, “to each their own,” stands very true to parenting. But that doesn’t stop me from seeking advice from other people. Sometimes the advice I get, couldn’t be more helpful, the kind that makes me have an, “oh wow,” moment. Other advice, although not helpful in the same way, I still welcome it because it validates my own decisions in certain ways.

With Turner being 7 months old, there are a few things that have come with parenting, and I would just like to know, “am I doing it right?” So if you have an opinion on any of these, feel free to share. 

Feeding Turner:

Since Turner stopped breastfeeding and began eating only formula, I have always mixed his bottles with oatmeal. Most people who see me doing this have always acted surprised. We started doing it after Turner’s doctor suggested it would help coat Turner’s stomach and help him not spit up as much. It began to work immediately. He stopped spitting up and stayed fuller longer so he didn’t want to eat as often, which is great considering formula costs an arm and a leg. 

Around 4 or 5 months we started to mix in stage one baby foods. Turner loves them all. He loves fruits, vegetables, mixed meals, he loves them all. We also started to give him baby cereal cookies and the cereal snack bites, which he also loves. Around 6 months, we started giving him food off of our plate. He loves that too. 

Since Turner has been sick, we have been given him apple juice and pedialyte. He loves pedialyte and has started waiting just pedialyte bottles and not eating other foods. This may be just because he is sick. But I just don’t know if its what I should be doing. My little sister, who has a daughter who is almost 2 years old, says I should be giving Turner baby foods, three meals a day. I don’t even think Turner would eat that much of it because he likes the other things I give him. Am I doing this right or should I be giving Turner more solid foods? Turner is crawling, developing above his age, crawls to tables and chairs and pulls himself to standing, and with his child walker, is walking everywhere, so its hard for me to follow recommendations because his development, such as sitter and crawler, conflict with experts suggests on what to do for his age. 


Turner talking:

I read to Turner often. In the last week we have read a range of books from Beauty and the Beast, to one word books with colors and shapes, so an adorable Elephant story that was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Turner can make every sound imaginable. From vowels to contestants, to ohs, and ahs. He can do it, he doesn’t do it often though. The last few days, since he has started to feel better, Turner has been very vocal. A few times Turner has strung sounds together and he sounded like he said Mama. I didn’t get overjoyed because while he did it a few times, it wasn’t consistent and when I asked him to repeat it or ask him to say Mama, he just looked at me very confused. Last night he said Dada. Andrew works with Turner every single day to teach him to say Dada. What counts as a baby’s first word? Should it only be if he repeats it when asked? Because this morning, I said, Turner to say Dada, and he did one time, but then not anymore. Does that count? Should we be announcing it to the world? 

How is Turner’s vocabulary development for his age? It was very hard for me to talk, and in fact, no one but my mother could understand me until I was about 5 years old, and then from there I had a lifetime of speech therapy classes. Should I be reading to him more? Should I get a CD of vocabulary to play to him at night? Is he behind, on target, ahead? Am I doing this right? 

Wearing my maternity jeans:

I am a firm believer that everyone in the world should only wear maternity jeans. I have been going back and forth with actively trying to lose the weight I gained with Turner, and while I was beasting it right up until we took our holiday pictures, I have since become lazy with it. Its just been too cold and I have been sick or busy or stressed or anything else that is a good enough reason not to keep up with it. I wear other clothes, but I have held on to two pairs of my maternity jeans. They don’t fit like they should, obviously because I am not carrying around an extra human, but they are so comfortable and I love that they waist band of them are smooth and I don’t have to worry about bulges caused by zippers and buttons. But are they socially acceptable? I get really embarrassed when my shirt rides up and you can see the band, which since I am not pregnant reaches the bottom of my bra, but I just cannot seem to give them up. Not to mention that I refuse to buy jeans in a size that is much larger than I am used to because for 1) Before getting pregnant I was a healthy size 2 and occasionally would squeeze into my college size 0 or 1 just for old time sake, and even though pregnancy has given me these things called hips that I never knew existed and nothing fits me like it should, I refuse to accept the fact that I need to be a 4 or 6. 2) When spring rolls around I plan to really hit this exercise thing hard (ha, we will see) and then I would have to buy an entire new wardrobe for my new sexy body, and it would just be a waste to buy things right now just to do it again in the spring. 3) The times I have went to stores to buy new jeans since having Turner, I cannot find any style other than skinny jeans. And while I like a good pair of skinny jeans, I look boot cut or whatever other style I used to be able to get. I am only 5’ 2” so finding jeans that fit without needed to get them hemmed has always been a struggle, but certain stores have always been my saving grace. But now their entire jean wall is covered with skinny jeans. So is it so wrong to hold on to my maternity jeans and still rock them? Is this acceptable, am I doing this right?


3 thoughts on “Am I doing this mother thing right?

  1. Have your tried giving him apple juice yet ? If he likes the pedialyte, I bet he will love it. Once Kayla started eating baby food 2-3 times a day and drinking juice (by about 9 months), she had little interest in bottles and usually only had one formula (usually mixed with cereal) at night and that is about when she started sleeping all night. Andrew on the other hand kept wanting his bottle of formula then milk until he was old enough to beat on the refrigerator and say “bee bop” so we gave in and he had food, bottles or whatever he seemed to want. The milk and oatmeal bottle is might be too heavy for him now that he is congested or he may be outgrowing the formula already. I’d ask the pediatrician what he recommends based on Turners age, weight, etc. the next time you are there for a checkup. Being older and out of the loop now, I don’t know how long the pediatricians recommend giving formula once they start eating baby food or table food.

  2. In my personal opinion, you are doing a wonderful job. Turner is happy and healthy(minus that stupid RSV). He is ahead on the milestones(dada does count as a word!) As long as he is hitting his weight and milestones, he is doing fine and so are you! Keep up the good work!

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