How do you avoid missing everything in your child’s life?

My house is finally back up and running again. Everyone is healthy and happy. Turner has fully recovered from RSV, as have I, and somehow we managed to not get the Flu from my family, who all expect my mother caught it. Fingers crossed that the we all stay well the rest of winter. 

This weekend we will be having Turner’s 7 month birthday party. He has been so sick and grumpy we haven’t been about to have it, and even though his 8 month party will be the 30, I am still going to have it. Its my party [planning], I can do what I want to! 🙂


 Raising an infant has officially become challenging. Turner is into everything. A word of advice: you should never wait to baby proof the house. Ask for that stuff at your baby shower. Don’t think that you can wait a couple of months because it will be awhile before your child gets into everything, because the day it happens, you will have no time at all to get it all done. Andrew thought I was crazy when I was putting pads on the coffee table and locks on the door knobs already, but the day after I did it, Turner was everywhere. He went from barley arming crawling, to setting world records and now when he wants something that is on a chair or table, he sprint crawls over to it and pulls himself to standing before we can get it out of his reach. He is sneaky. 

He is attracted to plug ins and heaters and anything other than his toy collection. I am so grateful that I decided to baby proof even though it wasn’t quite needed. Its amazing how quickly they change. Literally, I went from rocking him to sleep and helping him balance to prop him up standing, to not being able to keep him down and him just going to sleep on his own. I just want my baby back. Is it wrong that a part of me didn’t mind when he was sick, because at least he would want to cuddle with me to feel better? These days Andrew and I are basically chopped liver. The rate Turner is going, he will be feeding himself completely soon, and then he wont need us at all! 

 Turner is itching to walk. Man, he tries so hard. He can stand for hours on end by himself and can balance to stand from one object to the next, and when we are supporting him to help him take a few steps, he will only hold one hand and just take off, sometimes faster than we can keep up. Any day now I just know that he is going to stand up and take off. If I am not there for that, I might just die. Someone else keeps Turner 5 days a week while we are at work, and by the time we get him home around 6 every night, he is only awake with us for 2 hours. He is hardly awake in the mornings before I go to work. I feel like I am going to miss everything. I get to keep him on the weekends, but there is always something on our to-do list that prevents me from really getting to enjoy him. Just like every mother that has ever existed, I just want to push a freeze button. It is just not fair. Why can’t I just at home with him all day everyday? Why do I have to have two jobs that monopolize my time and force me to miss these precious moments? It should be against the law. Go ahead and call your Congressman. We need a change! 



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