Turner is 7 (and a half) months!

So, every month we have a birthday party for Turner. Up until this weekend’s party, it has always been just me, Andrew, Turner, and on occasion when they are interested, the pups. Well, this month  Turner had his first friend come to his party. Even thought right now the slot for Turner’s best friend is tied between Turner’s Cousins Royce and Maddison or Turner’s fav, the baby in the mirror, we bought Turner a new friend just for his party. (I know I sound nuts right now, but its all in good fun)

In case this is the first post of monthly birthdays you have seen, here is a little explanation. Turner’s baby book has slots for monthly photos. I didn’t want just a boring photo of Turner, or a ridic picture of Turner  with a sticker on his onesie. I hate those. So I decided to have mini birthday party’s for him. They all have themes. Turner’s birthday is the 30th of each month. This month’s is late because he has been sick or Andrew and I haven’t been home at the same time. But regardless, here it is! Turner’s New Year’s themed 7th month birthday party!  




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