Valentine’s Day, pool time, and a family weekend

This weekend was full of firsts. For Valentine’s Day, my family and I decided to spend the weekend together. If you haven’t had a chance to read my last blog post, you can find out why we did that here

Well, despite some hiccups, or more accurately, blow ups, which are expected when you get a family of all girls together, it was a pretty great weekend. 

It was Turner’s first Valentine’s Day and his first trip to the water park! We took him to an indoor water park in Tennessee. He just loved it. He loved sitting in the kiddie section and playing in the water, he loved playing with his cousin Madison, he loved splashing around in the adult pool and even didn’t mind being dunked under. Didn’t cry a single time. I think his first introduction to the pool was a booming success! 


Another first from this weekend, was my first 5k as an adult. I decided a while back I needed to a hobby. All I do is work and hang out with Turner, so I needed something to focus on. Andrew is really into running, so I decided to take it up to give us something to do together. So on Sunday, I ran a 5K. I was a runner in high school. Ran both cross-county and track, but that was nearly 10 years ago. I haven’t ran anywhere since. When I decided I was going to take running up as a hobby, I began my “training” with a mile and a half jog/walk in my neighborhood.  

Well, that one time training event was the only thing I had under my belt before Sunday’s race. I decided that my goal for the race was to not chicken out, and to finish. I didn’t even care if I finished last, as long as I finished. And, that is exactly what I did. I gave myself bonus points too, for not coming in last! I finished the 5K in under 45 minutes, so I figure, for my next race, which is sometime next month, I should work to just beat my last time. That is feasible I do believe. 

While I struggled on the verge of death in my 5K, Andrew conquered his second-ever 10K. He did awesome too. He came in third in his age group. He is basically a beast. But the guy does run about every day!

My body this morning, however,  is not so excited about my new hobby. While my legs feel like spring chickens, my shoulders, the top of my feet, and my lower back, feel more like someone who got ran over by a train. I several more hot baths in my future this week, all in hopes of feeling back to normal.

 We also got to do some shopping for Turner. He has grown out of all of his 6-9 month clothes and we have a very short supply of 9-12 months, so we decided to shop. It is hard to find clothes to fit him because we have to accommodate his big head. Most neck holes are not even close enough to fit his head in, so it is tricky. I gotta make sure the material is stretchy. Once I bought this adorable money sweatshirt from Babies R Us, but the neck had no give, so I forced it over Turner’s head once and then decided to just eat the $30 because it was just not possible a second time. I almost had to just cut it off of him! 

All in all, the weekend was great. I got to spend time with my family, which is always the best way to spend any day!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, pool time, and a family weekend

  1. Congrats on the 5k! I got really into running after the birth of my son, and ran a PR half marathon last year and am going for a PR in the marathon in April! I found the one good thing about training for races and having kids is that you can’t back out of training run and put it off for later because with kids, later will not come. It really helped me stay on track. Can’t wait to read more about your running adventures!

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