My blogging worlds collide

So outside of my motherly blogging addiction, in my real life I am a copywriter. I wanted to share with you all blog I wrote about the importance of owning your own domain name for your blog. While some of you may thing it is a little hard for me to post this on WordPress, considering it sounds like what I am saying is knocking WordPress, but that is not the case. So while you are reading it, remember that just like WordPress has a free space for your blog, even with your own domain name, WordPress has awesome plug-ins to use for your website as well. 

I know lots of you are awesome mommy bloggers, so here are some things to consider. While I was writing this, I learned that at any time WordPress can erase my blog. That was terrifying for me. That means that while I am using my blog to record all of my best memories with Turner, at any second that can all be lost. Um, not gonna happen! So I bought a domain name. 

Read the article, and let me know what you think! 


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