Facebook makes me question motherhood

This blog may be out of line. And it may be offensive. But I feel like I should write it and get opinions of mother’s who are not just in my geographical location. Luckily, because of this blog and following other blogs, I have made several mommy blogger friends who are great at giving their own opinions, regardless of what people may thing of that opinion. I need that insight here. 

I have recently joined several Facebook yard sale groups. I am not sure if these are common everywhere, but where I live in North Carolina, just about every town, county, or community has one. 

Since joining these groups I have found posts from mothers or soon-to-be mothers asking for free things. Posts like, “I am about to have a baby and I need all the free things I can get” or “I do not have a car seat for my two year old and I need a free one.” These posts seriously upset me. 

Part of me wants to spring to their side because I have this crippling concern of innocent children having to go without things they need. But then the other part of me wants to scream, “WHAT ARE YOU THINK?”

I whole-heartedly believe that having a child when you are incapable of providing for it is selfish and should be a crime. If you have to ask for free things because you cannot afford it for your child, why on earth are you having it in the first place. While I am sure you can give that child all the love you have, there is so much more to bringing a child into this world. 

It makes my heart hurt. Why are people so irresponsible. I admit I do not know every person’s story and some of these parents posting in the groups may have had some sort of tragedy or fallen into a sudden, undue hardship, but I am sure that is not the case for all of them. 

What encourages people to want to care and provide for an extra life when they can barely do it for themselves? I do not want to judge anyone because I know that everyone has a unique story, and that is their right. But I am just so discouraged after seeing some of these posts. 

Is it because of where we live? Is this a considerably impoverished region? Does it have to do with education? Is it just the culture of our area?

I get wanting free things if they are available, heck, I will take a bargain any day. But I think there is a difference in liking free things because they are there and needing free things because you have no other choice. 


One thought on “Facebook makes me question motherhood

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