We have a 9-month-old walker!

Just shy of his 9 month birthday celebration this week, Turner decided he wanted to take his first steps! He is amazing! He doesn’t are to walk all the time, but when he decided to get up and go, there is NO stopping him. He just prances right around. He is still debating on walking and crawling, he seems to favor crawling as it gets him where he wants to go a little faster, but these last few days have been awesome watching him so excitedly run around. You can see him adorably run around here. 

He is growing so dang fast, I can barely keep up. Last night I was able to carry him like a baby from the car to the house before he started to squirm free, but it was nice to have a couple of seconds of baby time. He is SUCH a grown up! 

We had a battle with a respiratory infection and then a double ear infection that sent us to the ER, but luckily, everything is back to normal, and Turner is better than ever. The double dose of antibiotics Turner was on gave him a fierce diaper rash, but a day after the antibiotics ran out, the rash cleared up. He had a follow up appointment with the doctor on Monday. His ears and chest looked and sounded great. He was just over 20 pounds and had gone through a growth spurt, gaining a couple inches since his last visit, putting him at a whopping 29 inches tall! Apparently he is in the 88 the percentile for his height, which is great considering a stand an impressive 5′ 2″ and am the tallest in my family (excluding my dad). Hopefully Turner gets his poppa’s height. 

Each month Andrew and I throw Turner a little birthday party celebration. This month we did it a little different. Since Turner’s 9 month birthday fell on the same day as my niece’s 2 year bday and we had an actual birthday party for her this weekend, Andrew and I decided to combine Turner’s monthly party with that. Each month we take a picture to track Turner’s growth. So this month we took our photo opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to a very special soon-to-be 11 year old. 

A couple of weeks ago I came across this Facebook page titled, Happy Birthday Colin. Colin’s story broke my heart. On Feb. 2, Colin’s mom created the page and began with this post, “I am Colin’s mom, I created this page for my amazing, wonderful, challenging son who is about to turn 11 on March 9th. Because of Colin’s disabilities, social skills are not easy for him, and he often acts out in school, and the other kids don’t like him. So when I asked him if he wanted a party for his birthday, he said there wasn’t a point because he has no friends. He eats lunch alone in the office everyday because no one will let him sit with them, and rather than force someone to be unhappy with his presence, he sits alone in the office. So I thought, if I could create a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, that would be better than any birthday party. Please join me in making my very original son feel special on his day.”

I probably found the page a day or two after she created it and he had a couple 100 likes from people he her community. In the past month, the page and Colin’s story has been shared and now more than 2 million people like the page. The family has gotten tons of birthday cards and happy birthday wishes, none of which Colin has seen yet. His mother is waiting until his birthday celebration this weekend to break the news to Colin. My family was touched by the story and wanted to join in on wishing one amazing 11 year old a Happy Birthday, so this month’s birthday picture is dedicated to Colin! Image


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