Daylight Savings Time and a baby…

I am convinced that whoever invented Daylight Savings Time, did not have a baby! When we went through it last fall, our whole world got turned upside down! Turner was so confused and just about got his days and nights switched back up all over again! Then last night, when I was ready for bed, Turner decided he was not and that he wanted to stay up. He doesn’t get the whole Spring Forward thing, after all, he is only 9 months old. 

This morning, while it was nice getting ready with Turner still asleep, when it was time to go to work… Turner was still asleep. So waking a sleeping baby to get him ready for his Nana’s was tough. 


Sunday Andrew and I spend the day with my momma and our niece Madison. I had hoped a long day out of the house, in the sun and walking around the park, would help get Turner to sleep better last night, but not a chance. Even with a big day’s outing, Turner was just as active as ever last night! 

I am thankful for a little extra time last night, because since the time change kept him asleep longer this morning, I was not able to spend the 30 min or so I usually get in the morning. This time change stuff is just no fun. And right about the time I get Turner used to it, it will be time to “Fall back!”



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