Exploring the world of baby proofing

Turner is into everything. Like all little ones, he is obsessed with the toilet. Anytime a bathroom door gets left open, he heads straight for it. It doesn’t really help to leave the lid down, because he knows how to push it up just far enough to get his toys, bottle, sippy cup, and anything else nearby into the bowl. 

It is definitely time to baby proof the house. 

When Turner first started to pull himself to standing a couple of months ago, we cushioned all the coffee table corners, and when he started to crawl we plugged all the outlets. But now we have to do the whole nine yards. We have to secure all the cabinets, which is no easy feat. I had bought a general baby-proofing kit, but apparently, the cabinets in our house are weird dimensions. The cabinet locks that loop on the handles are too small. We have tried a couple different brands, but they will not open wide enough to hook one cabinet to the other. 

So I guess that leaves drilling to use the other baby-proofing options available. I am not happy about it. Surely, there are better ways to secure the house right? I feel like this part of motherhood is something that hasn’t gotten much attention. So all of you creative mothers out there, feel free to work in this space and come up with better options. I have debated about just zip tying the cabinets together! It may very well be easier! 


I know it has to be done. The first time Turner pulled the dishwashing detergent out from under the sink, I went into panic mode and wanted to screw all the doors shut immediately. Maybe I will try velcro? That seems simple and less invasive than the other options. Surely Turner cannot Hulk the cabinets open if they are secured with velcro. 

We let Turner out on the porch this weekend for the first time. Not that we are that neurotic, but this weekend was the first pretty weekend that we have actually been home. I put the baby gate up by the stairs and let him walk around. Even though I know there is no possible way for him to fit between the bars on the porch, I was still on edge watching him roam. I swear, I am going to end up putting this kid in a bubble!

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