A must have product for every momma!

I take a ton of photos. I think photos are one of the most important keepsakes we can ever have. They preserve a memory. They freeze that moment in time forever. While I am fortunate to have a sister who is a professional photographer, I don’t want the milestone photos that she takes to be the only pictures I have of Turner. I take tons of pictures of him everyday. A lot of them, I don’t post on fb because I know not all of my friends want to see 50 pictures of Turner trying to feed himself. And its a pain to print those photos off and my phone can only store so many. But there is a solution, and I think all mothers should be aware of it. 

It is called Groovebook. Groovebook is an awesome app that I found out about on the TV Show Shark Tank. For just $2.99 a month, the app automatically uploads my newest 100 pictures to the app, then mails me the photos in a book. The book can be its own photo album, or the photos have perforated edges, to make the easy to tear out. The photos even come date stamped with when they were taken. It is a pretty sweet deal. 


If you do not take 100 photos, the book just prints duplicates. And the app lets you pick which photos you want printed. It is super easy, super convenient, and lets me have all the photos of Turner I want. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone, not just mommas. 


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7 thoughts on “A must have product for every momma!

  1. This is really neat – thanks for pointing it out! Although I have to say that I end up taking many shots a bunch of times to get a good one, so my book might end up being the same 20 pictures five times each!

  2. I just ordered one of these for the first time thanks to your suggestion! I was looking a cheaper way to get all the pics of mason off my phone than going to cvs and printing them all! Can’t wait for it to come in the mail! Thank you!!!!!

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