Turner’s first Easter

Easter was the first holiday Turner was really old enough to enjoy. He didn’t really care too much for the egg hunts, and although we read him the Easter Story, I know he didn’t grasp the idea, but it was obvious that he knew something was special about the day. We had a blast. On Sunday, we went to Easter Service at church, then Easter lunch with Andrew’s family. We had an awesome egg hunt and got to enjoy family and friends. 

Then we went to Easter dinner at my family’s and had another egg hunt. Nothing compares to the joy and pure delight of seeing Turner’s face Sunday morning as he ran to his basket. I mean, he is only 10-months old, so his little baby legs running is precious. He didn’t care much for most of the basket’s content, but once I got the marshmallow bunny opened, that boy has never been happier. 

It was neat to see him taking in everything that was happening. He always looks like he is processing everything little thing around him. I could just tell by looking at him that he was thinking about what was happening and it was registering to him that it was more than just a typical day. He is one smart cookie! 


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