My little guy is growing way too fast

So we got another new car seat for Turner this weekend. Since Andrew doesn’t love the Cadillac of rear-facing convertible car seats that we originally bought, we went with a simpler model for the second car. 


I didn’t install it right away and Andrew wasn’t with me when Ruby and I picked it out, so he had no crash course in installation before he loaded Turner up to take him to day care yesterday. Andrew was convinced I had messed up and bought a forward facing seat, and since that is how he could figure out to install it, that is how Turner rode to daycare. 

Let me just tell you, seeing Turner so happy and smiling and in awe of the world and all he could see was precious. And every time I looked in the back seat he would just smile and giggle at me and it was perfection. Knowing that they should be rear facing until two, and the longer they are rear facing the better, when we got home, I fixed the seat, but it sure was not easy. Being able to see him was adorable! Melts my stinking heart! 

In other news, while I know it is too soon to brag or anticipate anything permanent, the last two nights Turner has actually slept…kinda. He still woke up crying, but instead of me having to get up, get him a new bottle and even rub his back and restart his much to get him to go back to sleep, he was able to do it on his own. It was glorious. Even a little bittersweet. When I put him down for bed, I always kiss him and tell him I will see him at midnight, since that is when he has been getting up like clockwork… but the last two nights, he slept right through our 12 a.m. meeting, and it was a little heartbreaking.

He is basically a grown up. It is hard to believe that he will be 1 in 24 days. Wow. Speaking of 24 days… I have a party to plan that I have no time to do. Crap!

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4 thoughts on “My little guy is growing way too fast

  1. My twins are 2.5 now, but I’m committed to having them rear-facing as long as possible. But, when we have a guest rider in our car, we have to put one of the seats in the middle and turn it forward facing and it’s always such a treat for whoever gets to ride that way for the day!

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