The only celebrity pregnancy I care about

Generally I don’t follow celebrity news. I do not care who is dating who, who is gay, who wore what to the party, or any of that other hype that gets thrown at us around every corner. 

I also am not the biggest fan of keeping up with celebrity pregnancies. Andrew and I kept our pregnancy relatively quiet up until just before we found out the sex. We wanted to make sure Turner was healthy and happy and just enjoy the time with our family and close friends. Even when I went into labor, we didn’t post anything about it on social media and made sure Turner was here and perfect and healthy until we shared it with anyone other than our family. I think that it is something that is private and special, so I could not even imagine being famous and having my pregnancy and weight gain, and cravings and everything plastered on the front of every magazine.

So generally I try to respect that and give celebrities their privacy… as if me resisting the urge to google and update or buy a magazine will stop the business that is celebrity babies…

But I am just obsessed with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Just them in general, so for them to be having a baby,  I am pretty excited about it and am buying into everything that is their pregnancy. I think my fascination goes back to their romance on That 70s Show. There is just something completely romantic about two characters who met so early in life and had an on screen romance ending up together. It’s the same joy I get from knowing the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married in real life or that hope I will always have from being a child growing up in the 2000s that Britney and Justin will find their way back to each other. Hopelessly romantic. 

Well, Mila appeared on Ellen, something else I am totally obsessed with. During her interview she talked about how she wanted to have a natural birth. Good luck sister. In my opinion that is a nearly impossible feat. I mean, I know it happens, and happens often, but no matter how much I had in my head that I might be able to do it… I was ready to have every drug possible to make that pain go away. Not only was I not able to have drugs to stop it, but my hopes for “as natural as possible” birth was halted when I was rushed for an emergency C section. But regardless, more power to Mila for at least wanting to give it a try. 

She is being private about the due date and names and all of that and I respect that. But during her interview, she slipped up and said that Ashton was taking lessons to learn Russian to be able to speak to baby. She said that he had been taking lessons for about 6 months. So assuming he started a month before the baby was born (because Mila said the baby was planned) I am predicting that Baby Kutcher will be born in August. 

As far as names go, I think they owe it to the world, if it is a girl name it Jackie and if it is a boy name it Kelso. Now THAT would be poetic justice. 

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