After being a mother for a year, the only advice I can give is…

We officially have a single digit countdown until Turner will be 1. May 30. I just have no idea how it has all happened. He is basically an adult. He eats mostly solid food. He no longer takes formula, he will take a sippy just as easily as a bottle, he runs everywhere he wants to go… time has just flown by. 


Turner lost his strawberry while feeding himself. 

He is so independent. Most of the time when I am trying to feed him, he will fuss until I just let him do it himself. He is not even 1 yet and he already doesn’t need me! The other day, he even took his diaper off for the first time. 

He sleeps through the night, picks up books and knows to turn the pages, has little conversations with his cousin Madison, and before I know it he is going to be filing his own taxes. I just can’t handle it. He is such a grown up. 

When I was pregnant, everyone told me that they grow so fast. It was annoying to here. I got tired of smiling and nodding my head. But now, looking back, if there was one piece of advise I could give to new mothers or soon-to-be mothers, it would to cherish every single second with that sweet little bundle of joy, because before you know it, you will blink and it will all be over. 

One day I had a sweet little baby boy, then by 2 months he was sitting on his own. By three he was starting to wiggle around. By four he was crawling. By 5 he was eating baby food. By 6 he was pulling himself to standing and talking gibberish. By 7 he was starting to eat solid foods. By 8 he would stand on his own without support for long periods of time. By 9 months, he was walking. By 10 months he no longer wanted baby food at all and just wanted regular food. By 11 he was talking gibberish sentences and running everywhere. And in the next week before he turns 1, I am sure he will have some other milestone that will remind me that I officially no longer have a baby. 

I think it is tremendous how much that little boy has changed my life in the last year. So many things that used to matter to me are now long forgotten and the only thing that matters each day is him. Everything I do, every thought I have, every action I take is with the intent of preparing him for the best possible life. I don’t want to fail him. I don’t want to embarrass him or let him down. He deserves the world. He deserves the best of everything, and if I have to trade my last dying breath to give it to him, I will.

I am sure you have heard it all. I am sure, just like me, you have been given every piece of advice there is. Everyone knows the best way to feed a baby, to burp a baby, to bath a baby, to teach a baby, to get him to sleep, to cut his nails, to brush his teeth, to change his diaper, and every other aspect of being a mom. I can tell you how I did all of that for Turner, but that doesn’t mean it is the best way, or that it was even the right way for that matter.

The best advice, the only advice I can give and know that without a shadow of a doubt it is 100% certain, is that you should spend every available second you have with your new baby. You can’t ever get that time back and without even realizing it, it is over. It is gone. Don’t wait a month, a week, or even a day to pick up your baby and squeeze him or her. Don’t wait to read to them and tell them stories. To smile at them and watch their every move. Don’t waste a second. 

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2 thoughts on “After being a mother for a year, the only advice I can give is…

  1. Love this. Actually I agree. I was fortunate to be a stay at home mother until my children were all 4/5 years of age and then I went to work and even though they are 20,18 and 16 I still feel like I do not want to miss a thing…… But its those young years that mean so much and I really feel bad for mothers and fathers that can not take off and be with their little ones when they are infants/toddlers cause they miss so much.

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