I have a 1 year old!

It officially happened. 

Turner is officially 1 year old. 

I took Friday (his birthday) off of work to spend the say with him and it was wonderful. I got to snuggle him all day long while running around and getting all the last minute things I needed done for his birthday, which was Saturday. 


Turner’s birthday part was wonderful. It was filled with wonderful friends and family who love Turner just as much as Andrew and I do. Turner had a blast and so did everyone else who came. The dinosaur theme was a big hit too. We asked our family and friends to consider making a donation to a local children’s shelter instead of giving Turner gifts, and although some people couldn’t resist showering Turner with presents for his birthday, we still got an awesome donation collection to take to KIDS Place later this week. 


Andrew and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning. The part was not event supposed to start until 11:30 a.m., but that didn’t stop us from getting up before 7 a.m. We scrambled most of the morning with one thing going wrong or the other. Andrew forgot the keys to the building at home, the helium tank for the balloons was out and needed to be replaced, the bounce house couldn’t get enough power and wouldn’t fully inflate, you know the basic run of the mill problems everyone has when they want something to be perfect. 


Despite a few hiccups and the fact that I was still scrambling with my mother at nearly noon to finish decorating, I think everything went really well. My fear of not having enough food was of course crushed when we had a ton left over. But I would much rather go home with bags of hot dog buns then experience the humiliation of not having one for someone. 


Now if we could just reorganize Turner’s bedroom to accommodate all of his new toys and play things, we would be set! 

At 22 lbs 14 oz and 30 inches tall, with a whopping 4 teeth, Turner is a beautiful, perfect, healthily 1 year old! 


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