Looking for some bath time advice

Bath time is a constant struggle with Turner. 

I thought we had the problem solved. When he was still a newborn, Turner hated baths. He would scream bloody murder. But as he got older, he warmed up to the idea. We go thin some bath toys, and all was right with the world. Or so we thought. 


Then the accident happened. OK, I am just being dramatic. Nothing happened. We got Turner an outside pool and put him in it one day and he screamed as if we had put him in a pot of grease. The water was not even cold. We actually warmed up water for the pool for him. 

Now, every bath time is once again a fight. He screams and kicks when he knows that is where he is headed. Once in the tub, he REFUSES to sit down and just reaches for me or Andrew to pick him up and rescue the poor child from his inevitable demise. 

Last night I thought we had progress. I put on my bathing suit and got in the bath tup with him. I tried to make it fun. We added some new toys that he got for his birthday and I played for him. That only worked long enough for Turner to realize that he was in fact in the bath tub and screamed until his daddy came to his aide. 

Later this month we are going to Florida for a week. We want to take Turner to the water park and enjoy the lazy river and the wave pool and the kids fun stuff, but not with that attitude! Turner has been in a pool before, and he loved it. But that was before this resurfaced fear of water and the tub appeared. 

Any suggestions? Advice? Comments? We are lost and want to make bath time, fun time for our little prince! 


12 thoughts on “Looking for some bath time advice

  1. Every bath time is accompanied by toys in this house. Maybe shopping together for a special bath toy/bath book to make it fun. Don’t let him play with it until you are in the bath? Go in with him and play with the new toy together? We do games with the bubbles (bubble hats, bubble beards, making ‘potions’ with old shampoo bottles). It’s just one extension of playtime. Good luck! We went through a phase of this with our youngest!

  2. We went through this with Elizabeth, too, and, with her, it just took time, until she was about fifteen months, actually. Now, she still screams and blubbers bloody murder when I wash her hair. She absolutely HATES that and she has so much of it that it takes a while to rinse it all out. If water touches her face (that she did not put there by splashing), it’s over. Done! She is screaming and crying and climbing out of the tub under her own steam if you will not help her.

    I really hope that you are able to find a strategy with Tucker and that his fear of the water will calm down. I know it’s not easy, though. *hugs and prayers*

  3. Don’t get tense when you put him in. Keep your voice happy and reassure him that your not leaving him. Try to make it soothing instead of intensely fun. Maybe he is just overwhelmed by his baths. Don’t run the water with him in the room. If that doesn’t work make it a process that he knows exactly what is coming and when, every single time. Maybe he just needs it to know what to expect.

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