Summer warning for new mothers

So I have started going to the tanning bed to prepare for our summer vacation at the beach next week. I know, I know, tanning beds are the devil. 

But when you have skin like mine, any amount of sun exposure can be deadly, so in order for me not to have to wear a blanket while we are at the beach, I wanted to get my skin ready. 

My skin is virtually see-through I am so pale, so I knew I was going to burn, even with minimal time in the bed. It was to be expected. 

But what I did not expect was while my skin burnt the anticipate amount, my newly born stretch marked were at third degree burn levels. It just didn’t cross my mind. And it should have. I should have known better. I mean, it is fresh skin. Skin that has never seen the light of day, literally. So after three trips to the tanning bed, I have blood red lines where my stretch marks used to be. 

So new mothers… beware. Take extra precaution if you have newly formed love lines from your sweet little miracle. 


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