Summer Vacation Series: A very public poop fiasco

So last week my family and I spent the entire week at the beach in Florida. It was a fabulous weekend. I have been putting off blogging about it because there are 9,000 things I want to write about. So instead of doing one drawn out post, I am gonna break it up into several different blogs. To get things started… here is the funniest moment of the week. (for me at least) 

Andrew’s First Public Poop Situation

We spent the second part of last week in Panama City Beach, Florida and we decided to go to the Shipwreck Island Water Park. By this time, it was already Friday, and Turner had spent plenty of time in his little swimmer diapers. From the very first day we put them on him, we found out that for some reason he LOVED to poop in them. 

It never failed. Sometimes, as soon as we took off the regular diaper and put the little swimmer on him he would just let it go. So by Friday, we knew it was coming and basically expected it. Whatever it is about the swimmers, they caused problems. 

So we had been at the park for a couple of hours. We were ready to go. Turner was fussy, we were all hungry, and Andrew had some stuff to do, so we were ready to pack it all up. On our last go around on the lazy river I noticed a hippo statue in the kiddie section of the park. Being obsessed with hippos, I knew I had to get a picture with it. Image

Before heading out of the park we stopped by the hippo. Turns out, it was a water drinking fountain in the kiddie section. It was not in a pool itself, but instead in an island area between play areas. I plopped Turner in the hippos mouth to snap a few photos. 

After I got enough to work with Andrew picked him up. That is when everything went downhill. Poop started to run down Turner’s legs. Not only do little swimmer diapers not hold in anything, the hippo’s mouth was a drinking fountain so he was in a small pool of water. And when you put a diaper full of poop in water, it is a full on disaster. 

After realizing that Turner had in fact went to the bathroom, Andrew flips out. With arms fully extended to get Turner away from his body, Andrew just starts to scream, “Oh my God, Oh my God.” 

Not only is there poop on Andrew’s side from where he had originally put Turner before realizing he was pooping, but when Andrew held Turner out, poop just began to plop onto the ground. That, paired with Andrew’s screams of pure terror and shock, we were started to get looks from those around us. Completely humiliating. 

Andrew froze. As if his feet were in quick sand and his body was an erected statue, he was frozen. He was not going anywhere and continued to scream and draw attention. I was trying to wash poop off of the teeth of the hippo from where Turner had been sitting when more poop was flopping on the ground, as which point I took my bare foot and tried to scoop the mess into the nearest drain. 

I pleaded with Andrew to walk toward the bathroom, which was a mere feet away, but due to his complete state of shock, he couldn’t. As much as I urged him to walk toward the bathroom, he was pleading with me to just go all the way across the park to get stuff to change Turner right then and there. 

Clearly this horrific tragedy had clouded his judgement and after a few more stern requests for Andrew to put one foot in front of the other, we made our way to the bathroom. 

After giving Andrew supplies in hopes of averting any future crisis, I found the closest park attendant and told him of the incident so it could be properly cleaned and that poor hippo’s mouth would be sanitized. 

After Turner was fresh and cleaned and we were headed for the exit, just as I was explained to a slightly calmer Andrew that it was a kiddie park, situations like that are sure to happen often, he stopped dead in his tracks once again and hollers for me to get him a wipe because he was “covered” in poop. While walking Andrew became aware that his shorts had been stained during the debacle and once again put his in the crossfires of public torment. 

All in all, it was hilarious. Andrew is Chef Diaper Changer in our home, and usually nothing makes him squirm. I guess the added pressures of public scrutiny threw him off his game. And although painful to experience, overall it was laughable and one of many unforgettable moments we endured last week.

(Now that you have read the entire article, please go back to the photo of Turner in the hippo’s mouth and zoom in. Take notice of Turner’s inside knee)

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