Tuesday morning rant on entitlement

I whole-heatedly believe that children today grow up with a disgusting sense of entitlement. I believe that everyone thinks that they are entitled to the same opportunities that others are afforded, and not because of hard work or actually earning it, but because if someone else has something, I deserve it too, even if I didn’t work for it.

It is truly disheartening.

Today, everyone gets a trophy. We are so afraid of hurting our children’s self-esteem that we praise them for a job well-attempted rather than a job well-done. In today’s society, everyone gets a trophy. Even if you failed miserably, don’t worry, you will still get a ribbon in the end.

That is not how I was raised, and I think I am better for it. That is also not how I plan to raise Turner. Although he will be awarded for his efforts, and know that even when you fail, the fact that you tried carries weight, I will also teach him that to be truly successful you must not only triumph and conquer your goals, but if you do fail, you must learn from your failures and better yourself.

I say all that to say this. The news was flooded today with report of a Yankees fan suing a whole gaggle of sports related businesses such as the Yankees themselves and ESPN, for broadcasting a 90 minute clip of him sleeping at a game.

Well first and foremost, the guy is a Yankees fan, so that is your biggest problem. (In case you didn’t know I am a die-hard Brave)

But second, he was attending a Yankees vs. Red-Sox fan, the known rivalry between the two teams is a given that the game would be on ESPN, and by attending the game, you are subjecting yourself to television time and attention that may take place regarding your attendance.

Third, the 26-year-old who is suing all of this businesses, is doing so under the premise that the commentary of the 90 second clip hurt his feelings. I mean seriously, the law suit is claiming that the commentators during the segment mocked him for being oblivious. But it was not really the TV appearance that hurt his feelings, but more so the comments that individuals who viewed the clip made, which ESPN nor MLB have any control of. But all-in-all, the guy got his little feelings hurt.

So, my complete frustration with this entire subject, is not only does the guy feel ENTITLED to something because he made the decision to attend a national publicized sporting event, and he made the decision to partake in actions that were less than status-quo for his environment, therefore he has no business objecting to the consequences of his actions, but more than that, by filing a very public law suit, he is subjecting himself to the very torment and trial of public opinion that he is so offended by.

So instead of the few fans who were watching the broadcast and whatever small media circulated after the April 13 incident, this guy is making headline news on all the big networks, broadcasting his experiences to the world. Seems a little hypocritical to me. If he was really offended and hurt by what happened, wouldn’t he want it to go away? Nah, who needs that, let’s scream from the mountain tops about the grossly unjust situation and deliver myself on a silver platter for the entire nation to ridicule. Seems legit.

I am not saying that victims should be silent. But this is not a case of a victim speaking out and seeking justice against a bully. The bullies in this case are the people who hide behind the keys of a message board, not the people named in the law suit.

And they are just words, really. When I was growing up, bullies were a part of life. I was bullied terribly. I would hide in the bathroom between classes in fear of bigger kids who didn’t like me beating me up. But it was a fact of life. Today, if you scream bully and point a finger, you basically have scenes from the Salem Witch Trails with everyone out for blood.

As a society we need to toughen our skin back up. We need to teach our children that bullies are a fact of life and hurtful things will inevitably be said. But it is not those comments that define us as people, but instead, it is how we react and prevail that makes us who we are. Those lessons need to be taught.

We also need to teach our children that you are not entitled to anything. This guy thinks because of a decision he made, he is entitled to the opportunity to sue innocent bystanders. It just blows my mind.

You shouldn’t get a trophy for just showing up. You shouldn’t be given something just because someone else has it. You shouldn’t cower to bullies or opinions of others. Instead, you should earn your accolades. You should work diligently to achieve and earn what is obtained in your life. And you should learn to disregard the opinions and actions of people who do not matter.

Ugh, thanks for tuning into my Tuesday morning rant!


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