Adorable baby moment!

We had the cutest little first last night.

So Until yesterday, Turner has never been able to crawl up onto the couch. He has mastered getting down, but whenever he wants up, we have to help.

Also, in general, Turner does not like to go to bed at night on the couch being snuggled. Even when he is so tired he cannot keep his eyes open, if he is in the living room with us, he wants to play. No matter how hard we try to love and snuggle him to sleep on the couch out night, we also resort to putting him in his crib.

Well last night, Andrew was laying on the couch snoozing while I was finishing up a movie. Turner was playing and was not even showing his usual sleepy signs. Then out of no where, he went over to the couch where Andrew was laying, crawled right up on the couch all by himself, snuggled up next to his poppa and went right to sleep.

Was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing I have witnessed to date. Having the two best boys imaginable in my life is more than I could have ever dreamed of!

P.S. I hate there was not a video or photo to accompany this post!


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