We had another first yesterday!

Yesterday, I got off work a little early, went with my mom, sister, niece and Turner on a 3 hour drive to get Turner’s first hair cut. unnamed

“3 hours?” You might ask. Well, yes. See, every since I was a kid and saw the Full House episode where the twins, Nicky and Alex, got their hair cut in Joey’s uncle’s barber shop, I always said that is what I wanted for my children. You know, the seats that are monster trucks or trains, or something else fun.

The problem is, where we live, there is no such thing. I live in a very small rural town in western North Carolina, and if I wanted to get Turner’s haircut in such a place, I had to do something to make it happen, and that is just what I did. Luckily, I didn’t just drive 3 hours away for only a hair cut. But it just so happens, that there was such a shop in the town that my mom’s family lives in. So we made a day trip out of it, got Turner’s hair cut, and got to see family. A win for everyone!

I admit it, I cried a little bit. Not at first. I could handle the first few snips. But then, when his little curls started to fade away and his bangs fell to shape his face, my eyes started to swell. He looks like such a big kid! He actually has a hair style. It is not just floppy all over his head, but it has a shape and a purpose.

It was absolutely adorable. He did awesome, too! I thought we were going to have a melt down since he fell asleep in the Jeep the short 10 min drive from my MawMaw’s to the shop. But he didn’t. I put a couple of goldfish in his hands, courtesy of Zany Cuts, and he was as content as can be.

Zany Cuts, which is in Newnan, Ga. just south of Atlanta, is so charming. The middle of the shop has a train station set up for little boys and a whole ‘Girls Only” dress up room in the back complete with feather boas and all the dress up jewelry a girl can drive of. The Stylist’s stations have tupperware containers of goldfish, fruit loops and graham crackers, and for a job well done, a sucker at the end. Turner was strapped into a Thomas the Train seat and was glued to the cartoons on the TV.

We got the first haircut package, which comes with a ziplock bag of Tunrer’s first cut locks and a certificate with his name and date on it. It was just darling.

I took a video and Ruby took 100 pictures, all well worth it to experience a first I will never forget with my little prince!

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One thought on “We had another first yesterday!

  1. Aww very sweet! I would make the drive too, if I knew of a place around us. :p I was very sad when we cut my sons hair for the first time, he had long curls and I still kind of wish he had them. The baby hair is adorable but the big boy cuts are still cute 🙂

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