Catching up on a blog long since forgotten…

Keeping with my blog has been super difficult lately. I feel guilty about not writing more, which in turns makes me want to write even less because I am bummed, so then I don’t write, and then feel even worse and it is a vicious, vicious cycle.

It is not that I have been too busy lately. Nothing more so than average. I guess I am just in a stage to where I don’t feel like anyone wants to know about the things Turner has been up to, so I just keep it to myself.

He is officially almost 15 months. That is basically a year and half. That is out of control. He is a grown man. He is talking more and more, even though it is baby babble that pretty much only me and Andrew can understand, he is talking. He refuses to sprout anymore teeth. Should I be concerned? He has four… and no real sign of an new ones. Is that normal?

He is also in a brutal hitting stage. He just hits everyone, all the time, and thinks it is hilarious. I don’t know how to fix it either. I can’t pop him back, because on top of laughing at me, it sends him a message that hitting is ok… or at least I think it does. So he hits, and laughs about it.

The other night we also experience probably one of the worst things Turner has done to date. Out of no where, Turner viciously grinding his teeth together. He has his front four teeth, so he would just grind them and the most awful sound you have ever heard would come out. It was unbearable. I didn’t know what to do to make him stop, so in a panic I just let him bite my finger. It was better than that God-awful painful grinding! He hasn’t done it since, but without a doubt, it was the worst.

Oh, I left Turner for the first time last weekend. I spend the weekend in New Jersey visiting my best friend. In all of Turner’s life, I haven’t spent that long away from him, and if I was ever away from him, Andrew was always with me. But last weekend, I went on a weekend vacation, and left the boys behind. It was… different. When Andrew dropped me off at the airport Turner was asleep, so it made it a little easier to leave. I was ok most of the weekend, unless I saw a baby, then I would get all the feels and just want my baby back! I have to leave him for a solid week in September for a work trip to Boston. I couldn’t be any less excited about it. If I could have it my way, I wouldn’t work any of my three jobs and I would just stay at home with Turner every single day and never ever leave him.


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