More exciting news from the Raby’s

Last night was our very first night in our brand new home! Yes, married and closed on our house all in the same week! It has been awesome. We are so in love with it. It just feels like home. It is beautiful. It is ours. 

Moving has been awesome (can you feel my sarcasm?). We hired a moving truck for all the big stuff, which was a great help. We have four days to move, and get our old house in move-in ready condition. And neither of us can take of work, so we are doing it in the evenings, while chasing Turner. It has been…. an experience. But when it is all said and done… it will all be worth it. 

Turner’s first night in the new house was not so fun. No one ever warned me about that. Just another example of how everyone has opinions for you on how to do things you already know, but the tough stuff they stay quiet on! 


At first Turner explored with pure joy and excitement. He would peak around every corner, run from room to room, and just look so amazed. But then, he started to recognize stuff. Like the couch, or his toy box, and he genuinely looked confused. He didn’t understand why these things  were there and not at his house. 

The later it got, the worse he got. He was visibly upset. He just wanted to be held. He just wanted to go home. So of course he didn’t sleep. Although we put him to bed in his crib, it lasted a couple of hours before he was screaming bloody murder for us. He was understandably scared and confused. So we brought him to bed with us. 

It is the best feeling in the world, however, it is bittersweet. As sad as it makes me when Turner is crying in his crib, there is no better feeling than when the absolute second I touch him, he stops. He hugs on to me and instantly he is ok. There is no better feeling in the world. 

So we put him in bed with us. I never mind when he sleeps with us, even though I know it means zero sleep for me. Turner is the WORST bed hog ever. He sleeps every which way but right, but it doesn’t matter. I like it (in moderation). 

I hope he gets used to it soon. I wish I could just explain it to him. But I know there is no way to make him understand, but in time, he will.


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