Getting settled into the new house is much harder than expected

We have been in the new house for a little over a week and Turner has yet to sleep through the night. I am barely functioning. His schedule is every way but right, going to bed a different times,  waking up hella early, and let’s not forget his constant middle of the night party sessions. 

Turner's new room

Turner’s new room

It used to be simple. He would wake up in the middle of the night, in a sleeping stupor I would go to his room, get him, bring him to bed and he and I would quickly fall back to sleep. All was right with the world. Well, has decided that that is no longer good enough. I can no longer just go get him and bring him to bed before slipping back off into dream land. It doesn’t work anymore. He tosses and turns and cries. My poor boy just cries all night. 

At first I thought it was teething, after all, he was cutting three teeth at the same time. But they are all grown and where they need to be, so that is out the window. Then I thought it was just the new house, and that it would take some time to get used to. Well it has been one week and two days and last night was one of the most challenging yet. 

Then I thought it could be an ear infection. We took him to the doctor Wednesday and the doc said that his ears looked like there may have been something, but it was better. So cross that one off the table. Then I thought it was itching because he got ate up with bug bites playing in the new backyard with the family on Labor Day, but I lather him up with itch cream and give him the doctor ordered Benadryl before bed… something that is supposed to make him sleepy anyway! But I got nothing. No sleep relief. 

Playing in the new yard

Playing in the new yard

Even when I put him down around 9, which has been about the time he has gone to bed pretty much his hole 15 months and 5 days of life, by 11 he is crying and awake. 

I don’t know if it is the move, growing pains, nightmares, or anything else I can possible guess, but whatever it is, I need it to stop. Andrew starts traveling for work again soon so I go into single parent mode and I am just telling you right now, I don’t know if I can manage. 

If Turner’s nighttime discomfort is related to the new house, I don’t blame him. I have had some frustrations associated with the move too. Like for instance, it never crossed my mind how difficult it would be to just function in a new house. All of our kitchen appliances and washer and dryer are new and different and fancy. The house didn’t come with an instructional manuel. So I don’t even know how to put detergent into my new washer because it is not like I went to washer school. As far as starting the dishwasher… Turner probably has better luck. There are so many buttons and settings and then how do you start it? No one ever mentioned that when going down this road. 

Turner helping get the new house organized

Turner helping get the new house organized

Oh and the worst thing so far, is what happened when we went to cook the other night. Andrew had a big nice deal planned, he was going to cook for me, it was going to be sweet and exciting. He went to turn the stove on to boil the water… and bam, nothing. We have a gas stove, and we knew that when buying the house. But what we never thought to ask, and the sellers never mentioned, is that the gas tank for the house was BONE dry. And the process to get it checked and filled and ready is not a quick and easy one. 

It is hard enough to figure out how the faucets work and which light switches turn on what and how to wiggle the key just right to get the front door open, but al this other stuff… its been tough!


3 thoughts on “Getting settled into the new house is much harder than expected

  1. What hours does he usually sleep? I know all kids are different but my 15 month old daughter is begging to be put in bed by 6:20pm at night and sleeps til 6am. Then takes a 1.5-2hr nap at lunch time. Sometimes over tired kids have more trouble staying asleep. When I put her to bed at 7 it always backfires. She wakes in the middle of the night then wakes up at 5:30am for the day!

  2. I completely understand the whole “not sleeping routinely” thing, I went through it with Greyson. Don’t anymore though…here is my advice. Take it, it works! …get him on a regular, and I mean REGULAR, schedule. Let him cry himself to sleep at night, I know it’ll be hard for you but you must do it for him. Once he realizes (& it may take days, or weeks) that no one is going to whisk him outta bed he will calm himself down and fall asleep…THEN you need to make sure he takes mandatory naps DAILY (same time each day) in order to get him used to the routine. I practice a regular routine with both boys, always have, and that had made my life SO PEACEFUL. It will be very hard at first but in the end it will benefit you all. Greyson and Hayden both wake up at 7am (I purposely wake Greyson up at that time even if he isn’t already awake) Greyson eats breakfast by 8:30am, has lunch at 1pm and is napping (sometimes yes, he cries, but he eventually falls asleep) by 1:30pm and he naps for two hours (mostly everyday!) so he’s usually up by 4pm. We eat dinner around 7pm and their (both boys) bedtime is 8:30pm, with no distractions. Now, every single day, he is yawning around 1:15pm and sleeps through the night, every single night! Try something like that 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!

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