My own sleep story

I officially have a two month old!


When I found out I was pregnant, one of the most common horror stories I heard was about sleep. Everyone had jokes like, “Enjoy sleep while it lasts,” and “Get your naps in while you can because you won’t get another one for the next 16 years.”  First of all, I found it INCREDIBLY annoying that EVERYONE I cam in contact with thought I needed to hear their pregnancy/labor stories. When it came from friends, the advice was welcomed, but when complete strangers would come up to me and ask how far along I was and tell me to enjoy it, it goes by so fast, I just wanted to shake them and tell them that I don’t talk to strangers… that is the true introvert in me. (irony that here I am complaint about strangers telling me their stories and that is exactly what I do with this blog…. meh, oh well.)

So all signs pointed to sleepless nights of pregnancy and sleepless nights of motherhood, and sleepless nights just forever and ever and ever. Well, that has no been the case. 

I slept soundly every single night of my pregnancy. Heck, I even slept when I was in the hospital in the process of having Turner. Of course the easy sleeping with my pregnancy led to comments from everyone under the son like, “Oh just you wait, he will get you back when he gets here.”

Well, that is kind of true and kind of not. Turner has no sleep schedule. None whatsoever. I can tell you that doctors said he would sleep between 16-18 hours a day… well, that is a joke. Turner maybe sleeps 8, and the longest stretch of his sleep comes from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. when he is usually sound asleep. He is awake all day long and rarely takes more than a 15 minute nap. I mean, sometimes I get lucky and he sleeps for 30 min or an hour, but generally he is awake. 

And when everyone tells you to “Sleep when they do,” yea right! Not even possible. I can not sleep in the fly and I can not sleep in 5 min intervals, so I just don’t sleep. It has worked out pretty well so far. 

Turner is extremely picky about how he will sleep. From when we were first in the hospital, Turner hated, and I mean HATED being put on his back. If we can get him to sleep a few minutes in his bassinet it is if we put him up on his side. He just won’t sleep flat… when he was born he was on his side and he has wanted to stay that way so far! So the first few nights we tried the bassinet beside the bed and that was an epic fail. He did have his nights and days mixed up, but when that passed… he still would wake up the second I laid him flat. He just hates it. Luckily, Ruby (you know, my sister who thinks she is too good and busy to read my blog) had gotten Turner a bouncer. I guess that is what it is called it is an oval shape and plays music and vibrates and bounces (Andrew and I actually call it Turner’s sleeper). So that is what he slept in beside the bed…. for a while. 


 When Andrew and I went up North for a business trip of Andrew’s, we made the mistake of leaving the TV on in the hotel room as we slept. So when we got back home we discovered that Turner had decided he liked sleeping with the TV on, and that was going to be the ONLY way he slept. So that lead to me sleeping on the couch, which I have done ever since. Andrew is so sweet and will fall asleep on the love seat and sleeps with us until about 2 or 3 when he wakes up and goes to the bedroom. 

Well, when we went to Florida, another work trip for Andrew, I made another mistake and one night when Turner would not stop crying, in attempt to keep him from waking Andrew, who had to be up early for work, I held him until he and I both went to sleep. Well, after that Turner decided, he had to have the TV on AND I had to hold him or he just was NOT going to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, he will still nap in his bouncer/sleeper or in his swing, but if I want him to sleep for any length of time… I have to hold him. 

I don’t want it to sound like an obligation, I love it. While I would prefer to be able to sleep in the same bed as Andrew, being able to cuddle up with Turner every night is amazing. Our doctor told us a horror story about how his first maternity patient accidentally suffocated her child while co-sleeping, and that terrifies me. So even when Turner sleeps through the night, I wake up and make sure he is ok. 

I am really torn on this. Part of me is so worried, but the other part of me says that I have talked to a ton of parents who have done it and nothing has happened. I do think sleeping on the couch is safer because there aren’t pillows and blankets, and sheets to get in the way of breathing, plus I do not toss and turn, I do not love at all throughout the night. I just don’t know. 

Aside from the worry I have about it. Holding him throughout the night is the best feeling in the world. Looking down on his adorable faces and just watching him….I can not even explain the feeling it gives me. Pure joy. My momma said I was spoiling Turner… I probably am… but more than anything it is spoiling me. Eventually he is going to be to big or too cool and I won’t be able to snuggle him.

 I think it is kind of funny, because up until Turner, every single night of my life since I was 8 years old, I have slept with the same Teddy Bear. Literally gripping the bear in my arms…. every night (don’t judge me). But now, that teddy bear sits on the side table in the bedroom, all alone. It is kind of sad to see. But who needs a teddy bear when you have something as perfect as Turner to cuddle up to!