I might have given in, but with good reason!

Turner IpadTurner

I was always “that” mother. The one who swore that her child would never, and I mean ever ever play with a cell phone. I always said that I would never be the absent minded mom who so selfishly handed my kid my phone in public just to keep him quiet. No way. That is lazy. It is basically neglect. I was never going to do that.

I even had a house-wide ban on toy cell phones. My reasoning being that Turner just has baby brains and if I don’t want him playing with my real phone, then I shouldn’t give him a toy phone because he cannot distinguish the difference and it would be confusing for him.

Well, never say never.

By the time Turner was just a couple of months old our phones had become a toy for him. Moreso Andrew’s than mine, because I pay for my phone while Andrew’s is part of his job, so if Turner broke mine, it came out of pocket, and Andrew’s, well he had other options. It isn’t like we handed him our phones one day and told him to go to town. But he begged for it, grabbed it while we weren’t looking, and was just drawn to the screen’s light. He has the perfect finger motion too. Using the pointer finger to perfectly slide icons around. He was a pro before he could walk.

I can’t say that I didn’t try, because really, I did, honest.

Well, I did the unthinkable. You know “that” mom I talked about earlier, well if she knew what I did this weekend, she would have me thrown in jail! I bought Turner, my nearly 20 month old son, his own tablet. I had no other choice.

Before you report me to the authorities, hear me out.

The last few weeks, going out to eat with Turner has been a nightmare. While the easy solution might be, don’t go out to eat, it is really hard to give it up, because it is something Andrew and I really enjoy. Plus, I am no Martha Stewart, so I am never going to pass up a chance for someone to cook for me AND clean it up afterwards.

Turner has boycotted high chairs. I am assuming it is because we have never really used one at home, because when he was 9 months old my mom got him his own table and chair and he has eaten there ever since. Then, when we went out to dinner one night, instead of putting him in the high chair, we put him in the booth with us. It was easy, it worked, and it was way better than wrestling him in the high chair. Well, then he got used to it, and now screams bloody murder at the very sight of a high chair. So he gets free reign in a booth, or even a big boy chair. He does pretty well, except he has tons of access and room to cause trouble, which he did last week.

Before I could even process what was about to happen, Turner grabbed the bread off of the table and tossed it to the table behind us. The bread landed in the lady’s lap, she was less than amused. The couple were obviously on a date. You know, the type of date where they were sitting on the same side of the table (can you say awkward?!). So as she rolled her eyes and picked her jaw up off the table, she removed the bread from her lap and brushed me away with her hand. They were obviously not kid people, which is ok, not everyone is.

So we went through dinner, Turner letting out the average amount of screams, while Andrew and I played keep away with everything in sight. Despite being mortified that Turner decided his dinner would consist of nothing but ketchup, which he so artistically spread on the walls, it got worse.

Andrew and I had removed virtually everything from the table, the waitress has even removed our dishes, and once again, before I could even blink, Turner had jacked a red crayon from the table and tossed it to the same table behind us. Not only did the crayon land directly in the lady’s salad, Turner was so proud of himself, he threw both hands up in the air and yelled, ‘TOUCHDOWN.” Speechless, I just said I was sorry, grabbed Turner up and went to the car to let Andrew handle the check.

That is just the latest example of our restaurant battles. So, I broke down and bought Turner a tablet. One of those that are specifically built for kids, so hopefully, they don’t break easily. We have yet to try it out at dinner because we are still recovering from the most recent catastrophes, but soon we will give it a go. Turner did get to play with it at home the other night. He did well. There are TV clips pre-loaded, and I can add any android apps to it. I think it could be the greatest investment we have ever made.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to let him have it all the time. Just when we are out and he needs something to keep him occupied. I know, I know, those tech toys will rot a kids brain… well, I guess we will see.

Don’t judge me.


Settling for second place

Andrew and I are extremely competitive individuals. I fear for Turner as he gets older because I know that Andrew will be in the front of the line to sign up to coach any sport Turner wants to try out. It could be underwater basket weaving and Andrew is going to be right there to cheer Turner on and coach him in anyway he can.


Well this past weekend was our town’s annual Halloween celebration, PumpkinFest. We entered Turner into the costume contest and believe it or not, Turner took second place in his age division!

Prepping for the event began in August. Andrew and I strategically planned which costume would be best for Turner. We searched for hours, bounced ideas off each other, and new creativity was going to be the key. We of course wanted to dress up with him, so we had to think of a complete idea or theme to incorporate the entire family. We didn’t want to be too commercial or be too themed around pop culture. You risk selecting something that a judge may not be familiar with, so we wanted to keep it simple.

We also didn’t want to go to the store and buy something to fit him because that lacks originality. We formed an idea first, then sought out costumes. With Turner being 5-months-old (well he will be 5 months on the 30th) and this being our first Halloween, we thought the celebration of firsts would be a good road to go down.

So after lengthy debate and deliberation, and consideration of the judge’s mindset in the competition, we decided to develop a “First Thanksgiving” theme. A play on this year being our first Thanksgiving together, all while playing homage to the historical aspects of our nation’s first Thanksgiving, we developed a concept that wowed the judges and secured a second place victory.

I warned Andrew going into the competition that it will be hard to beat cute little girls. Eyeing the competition beforehand, there were some adorable little girls. Turner’s age division was 0-2 years old, an 18 month little girl dressed up like a crazy cat lady in a robe, curlers, and stuffed cats was precious and the only contestant that came close to Turner, she took the first place medal.

 When we were waiting to hear the results, another precious little girl dressed as the Coppertone baby, compete with a dog glued to her bottom and adorable pig tails, had me worried. Those little girls were some stiff competition. But as soon as Coppertone was announced as the third place winner, I knew we were in.

Admittedly, Turner may have had an unfair advantage, but it is not my fault that Andrew and I were such dedicated parents we elected to be props for Turner’s competition. We had a wagon decorated like the dinner table with pumpkins, gourds, and leaves, and a bumper seat strapped securely in the middle to prop Turner right in the middle as the project’s centerpiece. And no first Thanksgiving feast can be complete without a dashing pilgrim and jaw dropping indian to escort him on stage.

Despite the bite of cold resulting in Turner’s first runny nose and a few sleepless nights because of a minor cold to follow, all in all it was a fantastic, triumphant morning.

 Second place is a great starting point. We now have just over 350 to get our act together to ensure that first place victory will be ours next year.  


Childhood jealousy is just adorable

Every Monday, we take Turner to his grandma’s (Andrew’s momma) house. Since he was a little more than six weeks old, every Monday he had gotten to play with his Grammie and get all the attention of his Aunt K and not had a care in the world. Well, this past Monday, that all changed. His younger cousin Royce came to stay with him for a few hours, showing Turner’s very first signs of jealousy.

 Kayla and Debbie, Andrew’s sister and mom, had warned me that while Turner loved playing with Royce, he was jealous. When I got to Debbie’s after work, I was holding and talking to Royce and Turner started to let out high pitched squeals that I had never heard before! He was flailing his arms and kicking his legs and couldn’t have been less of a fan of seeing his momma with someone else!


While I am sure it was momentarily traumatic for him, it was just absolutely precious for me. Kinda melted my heart a little bit. Its good to know that he acknowledges me in a sense that he is mine and I am his.

Turner’s first stint with jealousy, while I am sure he doesn’t have the understanding quite of what he was actually feeling, was just the sweetest. But I am sure it will be short-lived, as from now on Turner will be spending part of his Monday’s with his sweet cousin Royce.

 I just feel for Debbie, who has to juggle the jealousy all day between the two boys who are exactly 10 weeks apart. I am sure that is going to be a theme within our family for the rest of our lives. While Royce is 10 weeks younger (Turner was in the delivery room when Royce was born), he is about the same size as Turner. I can see a childhood of competitiveness with sports and other aspects of growing up coming between the two.

It is different with Turner and Madison, Turner’s cousin on my side of the family. Maybe it is because Madison is a girl, or because she is almost 20 months old, but Turner is not the jealous one in that relationship, Madison is. Rightfully so too considering Madison was the first baby born in my family and for the fact that she is absolutely adorable. When Turner was first born, Madison wanted no part in her mother holding Turner. She would try to climb between him and whoever was holding him.


Even now, if you are playing with Turner, she will want to sit on your lap or cuddle up to you, its really sweet. Last night, I put Turner on one of her toys, and not to be outdone, she climbed right on the back with him. When Turner is at my mom’s house (who keeps him every Tuesday) he often sits in a bouncer. Yesterday when my mom came out of the bathroom, Maddy had climbed up and forced herself into the bouncer with him. She certainly always wants to be included.

Childhood jealousy is adorable. I am sure experts argue that it translates into problems as they grow older and blah blah blah, but for right now, all around it is adorable and I am eating it up!