My amazing partner in this adventure

I called home on lunch today to check on Turner and got the cutest update. We have decided against daycare for as long as we can help. I am only working three days a week, so I keep Turner Thursday and Fridays, and his Grandmas split Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, whenever his work allows, Andrew (Turner’s dad in case I had not formally introduced him) keeps him on Wednesday. Image

Well, when I called to get a midmorning update, Andrew says, “Yea he is doing great, but I got kinda sad earlier.”

I of course then asked why, to which he responded:

“Well I threw away his last newborn diaper, so he is officially fully up a size. It means he is growing up.”

That statement, paired with the saddest tone was just the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Andrew seems to be more on the sensitive anyway when it comes to Turner, but that comment was just the sweetest.

This morning Andrew was so excited and kept telling Turner all the things they were going to do together in “Daddy Daycare.”

Andrew has kept him for an hour or two at a time while our schedules crossed, but today is the first full day the two will be spending together. I sure am lucky that Andrew is not only willing, but genuinely excited to have some alone time with Turner. I am sure he needs the alone time because I tend to be a baby hog when I am around him.

Little things like that, and random emails while I am at work saying things like, “Turner got his first birthday invite,” just make me so thankful and blessed that not only do I have the most perfect little boy, but I have the most incredible man to help me raise him.  Image

I know not everyone has it so lucky. In fact, in this day and age it is a rarity to find a man like Andrew. Andrew wakes up with Turner (when he hears him, he tends to be a heavy sleeper), he gives him baths, he willingly changes every diaper he can and hardly puts him down.

From the beginning Andrew has been hands on, diving head first into fatherhood. I find this to be the perfect time to tell the story of taking the pregnancy test. I knew I was pregnant.

I just knew.. I know you hear stories about that, but it really is true, I can’t explain it, but I didn’t need to take the test.  I knew. Part of that reason could be that Andrew and I planned to have a child, it was not an accident, we actively tried to get pregnant. I mean not really tired hard, and didn’t try for long. One month we decided we were ready for a baby, and the next month, we found out we were having one.

Anyway back to the pregnancy test. We went to the store on September 23 and bought a 3 pack. I took it and waited a couple of minutes, then Andrew and I went into the bathroom to read it together. I instantly became excited because it was positive, Andrew on the other hand was not so convinced and could not tell the difference between positive and negative regardless of how I tried to explain it. So I took a second one…. again it was positive.

Once again, Andrew was not convinced we were reading it right. So I told him some pregnancy tests read a visible yes or no, so we went to the store to find that type. We couldn’t find it but got another pink line or no line kind of test. When we got home, I took that one. Andrew was more convinced, but since that read opposite than the first two… it made less sense to him… so I offered the perfect solution. I told Andrew to take the third test from the first box, and then he can see what a negative result looks like. Without hesitation, he did it!Image

And three minutes after that…. he was equally excited that we were in fact going to be having a baby!

How did I ever get so lucky? I am sure it has to do with the batch of amazing women Andrew has in his life. He is surrounded by strong, loving women who I know unavoidable have rubbed off on him. There is not a doubt in my mind that Andrew is going to be a remarkable father, he already is one.

My dad passed away in April with Liver Cancer. It was sudden and while we were told he had up to 6 months, he only made it a couple of weeks. The day he received the diagnosis, we went to the hospital to see him. After laughing, crying, joking, and just being with him, before we left he shook Andrew’s hand and asked him to take care of his baby girl. Andrew looked at him and promised he would, and I know that he meant that promise.

Knowing that I get to share my adventure into motherhood with the best partner imaginable, makes me way more confident about my abilities. Between Andrew and Turner…. I sure am blessed. Image