Not a fan of the new car seat… but looks like I have no choice!

I am completely frustrated. 

On Sunday, Andrew and I drove an hour away to get Turner a new car seat. We had to drive so far because that is where the closest Babies R’ Us is. Our local Walmart didn’t have the car seat that I wanted. Because I am a car seat Nazi, I want Turner to be in a rear-facing seat as long as possible. Because rear-facing seats are not that popular, the selection locally, is basically nonexistent. So we drove an hour away. 

That is not what I am frustrated about. I just wanted to make note of the inconvenience. 

What I am frustrated about is how annoying car seats are in general. Like nothing about them are convenient. I am stoked that they keep Turner safe. I know every rule and all the ins and outs about seats, but that doesn’t mean I understand why they have to be so awful. 

Turner is kind of in an in between stage with his size. He had outgrown his infant seat. His head was less than an inch from the top and he was over 20 pounds. So we elected to get a convertible seat that can stay rear-facing until 40 pounds. But that seat is basically a tank. I guess it is because it grows with the child, but surely there are better options than a seat that weights 15 pounds itself. Turner isn’t even a year yet, so he still sleeps just about every time we put him in the car. But now, there is no handle to carry him in his car seat to and from places, the car seat requires its own buggy if Turner falls asleep.

I feel like there can be a happy medium. 

I feel like there should be an option that is still convenient and easy to carry and transfer from vehicle to vehicle, and one that doesn’t weight the same, if not more than my child! Like a detachable option. That slips out of the main car seat that can be used just to carry the child, something, anything rather than lugging that thing around! 



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